Tech guys inability to think

  carpediem67 17:01 21 Apr 2010

Sorry for long wingey posting.
I have a cpu and heat sink fan problem. Easily remedied I thought by a new cpu processor and new heatsink fan. but alas it wasn't that simple.

The Tech Guys said they would send an engineer out to mend it on monday.. Monday came and went no engineer so then they said tuesday. Then 2 tech guys turned up with one cpu processor which was a dud and no heat sync fan. They installed the cpu but it was dead so they go away again after they tried to write No Fault Found on the slip of paper. I said but a fault was found it was the the processor they had brought that was faulty! So they then they tried to take my pc away to be repaired in the workshop - I wouldnt have it back for 14 days.

Hmm try working without the pc when its your job for 14 days. I told them no go as thats why I paid the insurance so I could have them come and fix it at home. And also it was not my fault that the pc wasn't repaired, it was theirs. In the meantime my fan started vibrating and playing up.

The man I spoke to next on the phone said that an engineer would be out Wednesday and that he would be armed with hopefully working CPU processor, heatsink fan and another facia panel (as the last job they did months before they broke more than had been broken originally). I double checked what they would be bringing and was told all was in stock.

Well when the man arrived today (Wednesday) He came in with only the cpu processor which he dutifully fitted but then the fan started causing problems. It stayed on at full blast for around 5 mins then it slowed down a bit. He even phoned his office to check if that was normal?!

He didn't have the replacement fan with him as he said they hadn't sent him with one. I asked about ther facia panel which he then went and got from his car... Obviously he wasn't going to mention that unless pushed but alas he was pushed. Now the company had my pc model and make etc so knowing it was an Advent they decided to send a vento? style case... And obviously this didn't fit.

So now I have the old facia panel with no on/off button and is very awkward to turn on and off, a new cpu processor but a very noisy irritating fan.

I made sure he wrote the truth on the repair sheet. Replaced cpu processor, No heat sync fan sent and wrong facia panel.

As the job wasn't done I phoned them back up to say about the fan and when would someone be out to finish the job only to be told they wouldn't be because as they couldn't repair it on site it would need to be uplifted to their workshop and that would be for up to 14 days!!!!

I tried unsuccessfully to argue but if you don't send the man with the correct goods of course its not going to be repaired on site! So why did you send out a repair engineer then if you knew he couldn't finish the job?

Needless to say I can either let them take the pc to be repaired (5 min job in reality that would take 14 days) and not work so lose earnings and even possibly my job! or suffer with the constant loud noisy fan. I don't seem to have a choice but to suffer.

I phoned the number of tech guys head office but the receptionist just put me through to my coverplan agreement people who then put me back in touch with yup you guessed it the tech guys!

No one there can see the importance in telling people that if the tech guys havn't got a part for the repair you will be the one who's to blame.

I must admit for a blasted pc repair group part of pc world etc and they havn't got a heatsink fan in stock ? its pretty laughable.

I do not feel like laughing, I actually feel like crying.

Does anyone know who else I can try to complain to? And alternatively an insurance company that will actually repair in your own home unlike the tech guys who now seem to come empty handed first time so they can just take the pc away to repair despit us paying for a service we are not getting.

Sorry for waffle mode I am just totally gob smacked by their attitude, incompetance etc. Arghhhhh

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:21 21 Apr 2010

Perhaps you should have posted this in Consumerwatch rather than helproom as there doesn't seem to b anything we can help you with.

Fan lubrication may help click here

  carpediem67 17:42 21 Apr 2010

Sorry I put this in the wrong place and I can't delete it to move it.

  Forum Editor 22:54 21 Apr 2010

from the Helproom.

  mr simon 00:28 22 Apr 2010

One of the upsides of building your own PC is that you know it inside out, have warrantys on individual parts and can fix it yourself. Come your next PC I would seriously consider it.

  spuds 11:10 22 Apr 2010

Like all purchases and warranties, the proof of the pudding becomes known at the the time of want, and this as often been discussed within this very form on a number of occasions.

Considering that certain models would hold the same components, would possibly make life easier, but it doesn't always seems to be that, and confusion regarding stock or engineers instructions can be annoying.

While it can be assumes that a on-site repair is always possible, in some cases this can be far from the truth, and some people must consider that an immediate home repair is not the simple and sure answer, even though it perhaps should be.

Would a temporary loan machine help, because I believe the Tech Guys can arrange this.

  HondaMan 11:18 22 Apr 2010

They are useless aren't they. Personally, I wouldn't trust them to open a can of baked beans!

  961 11:33 22 Apr 2010

As discussed on this forum recently it's not everyone that wants their computer complete with all the stuff on the hard disk to go away

I must confess it's not a subject I've given much thought to because only on 2 occasions has a computer ever gone away for repair from here. In both cases the computer was new and there wasn't a problem with stuff on the hard disk

After that experience, when both cases took a month to sort out I started, like mr simon above, to build my own so that I could mend the thing myself if it went wrong

Since then (several years ago) I find it hard to remember a hardware fault which is all the warranties cover, but I accept that they can happen. On-site from a business supplier is usually good, but from consumer outlets can be pretty useless at times

But I still wouldn't let a hard disk go with the machine

  spuds 12:08 22 Apr 2010

I fully appreciate in what you say, but with regards to an issue like this and possibly other problems, then back-ups are essential.

I think that we all realise that when a repair shop takes in a repair, then anything can and will most likely happen, and hard-drive data retention is a very major concern.

On a personal point, I have had problems with warranties and false promises with computer's in the past, and have had need to open up a dispute under Section 75, to get a problem resolved. As you truly state, building is possibly the only way to achieve satisfaction,security and self-preservation of mind. But not everyone as the time or expertise to do this, and as need to really on satisfactory customer service an an immediate remedy, which can be very troublesome at times, as perhaps you and I well know.

  961 12:31 22 Apr 2010

I agree that back ups are essential

But I'm talking about data security, such as banking and other data

Unless these are encrypted or high password protected on the disk (not just the cat's name) then there is no way the disk should be allowed to go away

And I'd guess that, so far as home computers go, less than 5% are properly protected

In my mind that raises a major problem because I venture to suggest that virtually no repairer will accept a computer without the disk

  Woolwell 13:06 22 Apr 2010

I suggest that there is a different level of support required for a PC that is required for work at home (as carpediem67 has stated) and for a home user. What is required for a home worker is support that guarantees that if the computer cannot be quickly repaired a working loan one is provided - like a courtesy car from a garage. Unfortunately the standard home repair doesn't necessarily provide this level of service and on-site repair isn't always possible. What does become important is that the data/programs should also be available on the loaned system and this could possibly be achieved by swapping hard drives but in any case a comprehensive back up system is required. I wonder if the standard Tech-Guys can provide this level of service.

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