Tech Guys - Complaint

  Dazlar 16:44 23 Mar 2010


I'm just wondering if anyone can help or has had any past experience with these guys.

The Tech Guys took my LG LCD TV away for repair on the 28/02/10, basically it needed the screen replacing.

I got a text on the 02/03/10 saying that the part had been ordered. I hadn't heard anything for over a week so I decided to give them a call. They then told me that the part was infact ordered on the 07/03/10, but the parts only take 3 to 5 days to come in, so I thought fair enough.

After the 5 days wait, I've called them numerous times and each time I just keep getting told they are awaiting the part to come in. It's now been 16 days and counting since the part was meant to have been ordered and still no word as to why it's taking so long!?

By this weekend it will have past the 28 day mark, which I think means I can just get a brand new TV? But how long will I have to wait for the vouchers!? Another month!?

Obviously there is still the rest of this week left, but I don't hold much hope for getting my TV back anytime soon!

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had any problems like this and/or experienced as little information as I have? They just don't seem to want to give me information or help me. It's really starting to annoy me now!! :/

Thanks in advance

  wiz-king 16:51 23 Mar 2010

Just do a search on 'tech guys' on these forums and you will find your not alone, but considering the number of jobs they must get it is not surprising that some go bandy.

  Dazlar 17:00 23 Mar 2010

Yeah, just done a search and seen there's loads of complaints about them, which doesn't make me much better :(

Is there anyone who posts on these forums who's in the know within the TechGuys, do you know mate?

  qbie 18:08 23 Mar 2010

If the unit is less than a year old, and the repair goes over 28 days than you can just go into your local store, and they can arrange for the unit to be exhcnaged for you.

If the unit is being repaired under a whateverhappens service agreement (IE: over a year old, or was damaged due to a cracked screen etc..) then the Tech Guys have 42 days to repair it (Maybe less depending on how old the agreement is - some of the new ones have shorter repair timescales), after that time you can request vouchers from Coverplan, and they will usually send a letter through the post within a few days with some reference numbers which the store can use to sell you a new TV!

Hope this helps

  Dazlar 20:10 23 Mar 2010

Thanks for your help, qbie, very much appreciated mate!

I've only had my TV since last November, obviously well under a year old, so looks like I'll be able to do the first option :)

  Paul-1379466 10:07 24 Mar 2010

Surely it should be Tech Guys & Gals? Y'all.

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