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  Sezlouise 23:26 19 Jan 2011

Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone can give some advise regarding an on-going problem I'm having with the repair of my laptop.

I originally bought the laptop in Feb 2006 and took out a cover plan for 5 years... which runs out in a months time.

Back in November 2010 I found the laptop to be performing incorrectly. It wouldn't turn on. I sent it for repair and it came back claiming to be fixed. I tried turning it on and it still had the same problem.

It was returned 'fixed' or so they say and sent back to me. It worked a handful of days and then the same problem re-occured.

I repeated this process yet again and again into the new year which is where I encountered the latest problem. At the beginning of the year it was returned to them for a 4th time and it came back telling me it was a problem with the battery and surprise surprise this wasn't covered with the Coverplan warranty I had. I complained about this asking why it had taken them 4 attempts to fix only to put it down to a battery problem that they arent going to fix because such things aren't covered. I'm still awaiting a reply regarding this and at this rate I'm not getting one.

So I used the return laptop without the battery... and it worked for 24 HOURS before the same re-occuring problem happened again. I called them and they arranged pick up and that was Tuesday 11th of January. I was informed when I made my phone call that it was being put forward for a write off and that once received at the Tech Guys they'd take 48 hours to assess it.

On Wed 12th I received a phone call asking if the laptop had been collected. It had... they guy then told me that the repair centre had been told NOT to attempt to fix it and assess for write off. By Friday after work I'd expected a phone call and got nothing. I called them and was basically told there was 'nothing on the system' and to try again on Monday the 17th.

Still no phone call on Monday so I once again rang them and was told there was 'nothing on the system' again. The guy raised another 'write off request' and he told me they would assess it on the 19th Jan.

Today came and low and behold I had no telephone call. I contacted them only to be told the 'tech guys' shut at 5pm and there was nothing they could do without speaking to them. There's yet again 'nothing on the system' regarding this laptop.

I'm absolutely furious regarding this and demanded a answer tomorrow. The woman who took my call has said she'd call me back after contacting 'the Tech Guys' for an answer. So I'll await her phone call before 11am tomorrow.

Does anyone have any advice regarding this issue? I feel badly let down with extremely poor customer service, and no one knowing anything about whether the laptop is getting written off. In my eyes its a terminal problem that if they couldn't fix after the first time... let alone the 4th / 5th time of trying then it should be written off and me getting some kind of compensation for the troubles I've been through... not to mention umpteen phone calls I've had to make.

Your views on this matter are appreciated.

Thank you...

  961 09:24 20 Jan 2011

After this number of attempts to fix it and taking into account the age, if they are proposing to write it off and make a payment I'd be inclined to grab it with both hands

The only question is if the sum will be acceptable

If not, pursue the matter with the Chief Exec of DSG in writing

  john bunyan 11:10 20 Jan 2011

Have a look at this template letter:

click here

  rickf 22:14 20 Jan 2011

Not a week goes by without someone having problems with these guys. It beggars belif that they are still in business. Worst still there are still people takimg up extra warranties with PC World. Should come with a health warning!!

  jakimo 13:46 21 Jan 2011

There must be some branches of PC World who have satisfied customers with the Tech Guys service,otherwise there would be a lot more complaints here, I occasionally have a browse around the local store,as it has its uses as a shop window

  mole44 14:22 21 Jan 2011

Mmmmmm,computer warranties,learn via this forum how to fix your machine. Always expert and good advice, and the satisfaction you`ll not have any warrary costs to pay. Self fix is available 24/7 and is usually a fun learning process,althoug we don`t know it at the time.

  woodchip 22:08 21 Jan 2011

"Self fix is available 24/7 and is usually a fun learning process,although we don`t know it at the time". Yes but not with Laptops

  ELJAY04 12:43 30 Jan 2011

I took out with Tech Guys a so call Business PC Performance Plan nearly three years ago. As a small business I rely on my PC and looked forward to their next day service. Within twenty four hours I had problems with the desktop and phoned them up. No offer of a visit was made and I was told to tke back to the store. I reluctantly did so only to be told there was no problem. After three return visits to the store I was then told it was faulty with a motherbord problem but they had none in stock and no not even for a new machine. After a thirty minute "discussion" and the intervention of the store manager I reluctantly agreed to a replacement unit.

Now nearly three years later another motherboard failure. Again no offer of next day service. Three days to have it collected and roughly two weeks to repair. Not good but even worse I now have it in writing that they allow thermselves SIX WEEKS for any repair. Even though this was not mentioned at the point of sale or in any of the paperwork. BE WARNED THE SERVICE YOU GET WITH TECHGUYS IS NOT WHAT IT "SAYS ON THE CAN". In the summer I plan to replace all my computer equipment. Give you three guesses where I will not be going.

  specialc 16:38 02 Feb 2011

I too have been having problems with the Tech Guys, they are unhelpful and dont seem interested in anybodys feelings. I am thinking of cancelling my payments to them and seeking another alternative

  rickf 17:32 02 Feb 2011

Cancel it. It's been proven here that it's more trouble than it's worth. Throwing money away or buying more problems and headaches from these jokers

  Forum Editor 17:46 02 Feb 2011

The treatment you appear to have received is disgraceful, and I'm not surprised you're angry. There's nothing worse than a company that repeatedly promises to get back to you, and repeatedly fails to do so.

I assume you obtained a collection receipt for your laptop from the courier?

You're obviously prepared for a write-off verdict on this machine - its age alone would make that the favoured option for the company. I wouldn't hold your breath as far as any compensation for your inconvenience is concerned, although there's no harm in pressing for something when you get a final verdict - which will hopefully happen tomorrow. Perhaps you'll keep us posted?

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