mohip 09:34 26 Jul 2004

I'm getting a new PC in a fortnight, and have been checking out various online retailers, when i came across these. Has anyone heard or bought from them. they seem quite cheap, but dont want to fall victim to a dodgy company. (i was going to buy microland, but you lot scared the bejeezus out of me!)

any replies appreciated...

  terryr48 11:46 26 Jul 2004

never used them-I see they only offer 1 year rtb warranty not much these days, and they charge a surcharge on credit cards-why don't you try mesh? longer warranty -been going years you can configure your own system etc. theres always novatech,they do some reasonable priced machines

  mohip 12:13 26 Jul 2004

im not really too bothered about warranties...atm its getting a good PC with good core components thats well built for a good price is the priority. I was wanting to buy the main unit (1gig RAM, 3.2ghz ish processor and 200 Gb SATA with DVD, CD burners etc) in a nice case and then buy the graphics (X800) and peripherals seperately.

it seems mesh want to sell me it all in one bundle and charge a lot for the service, so i hoped tcpc would be ok... but scared of getting microlanded...

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