Task Reminder packages

  Tor-toise 16:16 17 Feb 2010

In the office, I used to depend totally on the Outlook Task reminder software. Now I'm based at home and using Windows Mail, there's no such facility and I'm lost without it!

Does anyone have experience of using any of the free task manager/task reminder packages around?

I want to be able to maintain "To Do" lists, have recurring tasks, etc and for the software to automatically flag up a reminder for me when I turn on the PC for anything which is due. And preferably to be able to tell it to forget it for now and remind me again in "x" hours/days/weeks!


  wiz-king 16:46 17 Feb 2010

You can buy Outlook as a stand alone program from Microsoft but it costs £94.

  wiz-king 16:51 17 Feb 2010

Cheaper at click here

  Tor-toise 17:20 17 Feb 2010

Thanks wiz-king, but I was thinking more or the various freeware options out there - it's only simple task reminder stuff I'm after, not all the other Outlook functionality.

  spuds 21:44 17 Feb 2010

Not sure whether it will help, but you could try Major Geeks click here possibly under Office Tools.

  Tor-toise 10:01 18 Feb 2010

Thanks spuds. Didn't find anything specific - though as with the other times I've done a search, I get bombarded with lots of ads for various products, most of which sound possible. I'd prefer a personal recommebdation though, or an independent review!

  Hillwood 10:17 18 Feb 2010

Is this the type of thing you want? I know someone who has used this one and likes it.
click here

  Tor-toise 10:43 18 Feb 2010

Thanks, but much too sophisticated! I don't need any sort of planning tool, just something to keep a list of tasks with "required by" dates, and to issue reminders as necessary.

  Hillwood 09:08 19 Feb 2010

If you are looking for something simple and un-sophisticated why not try the Yahoo search engine, look for "yahoo calendar widgets". You should find something there to suit your needs.

  Tor-toise 10:05 19 Feb 2010

Thanks Hillwood. I haven't come across these before, but there look like a few possibilities there. I'll check them out.

  Hillwood 11:01 19 Feb 2010

One final suggestion. Why not try either the google calendar or the Yahoo one as it seems all you want are simple reminders that can be altered if or when you require. Yahoo can be found at, click here, and google at,
click here

Either may do what you want.

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