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  notrom 16:23 18 Sep 2006

Am looking for a cheap computer (not really a gamer); does this look like a good deal? Can't see what, if any software it has. On sale 25/9 - anyone had any experience with Targa aftersales care? Am worried it won't be up to standard of Dell, my existing PC that needs replacing.

TARGA Ultra 3700+ PC

* Specification:
* AMD Athlon 64 3700+
* 300GB Hard Drive:
* - Ultra-fast: 7,200rpm
* - 8MB cache
* LG:
* - LG 16 x DVD Multi-normal dual layer burner
* - LG DVD-Rom Drive: 16x DVD, 48x CD-Rom
* Memory:
* - 1024MB (2x 512MB Dual Memory)
* - PC3200 DDR 400 RAM
* TV Tuner:
* - DVB-T analogue TV antenna and FM antenna
* Sound:
* - Dolby-Digital 7.1 with analogue In/Out and digital SPDIF Out
* Front Ports:
* - 9 in 1memory card reader includes Smart-card function, Composite In, S-Video In analogue, Firewire IEEE 1394, 2x USB 2.0, Audio In (video capturing), Line Out, Mic In
* Rear Ports:
* - 1 x PS/2 connection, 6 x USB 2.0, RJ11, RJ45, 4 x Audio Out, VGA, connection for LCD TV, beamer and HDT
* High-End Equipment:
* - Integrated 56k analogue V90 modem includes cable
* - Wireless multimedia keyboard
* - Wireless scroll mouse with recharging base
* - Remote control
* - Stereo headset with microphone
* 3 year manufacturer's warranty
* Price per item
* was £749.
* *compared to last year

  sean-278262 16:35 18 Sep 2006

Sounds good to me spec wise. Not every heard a complaint about targa before but that doesnt mean much.

"High-End Equipment:
* - Integrated 56k analogue V90 modem includes cable"

I do hold a bit of a reserve about the way they are trying to suggest a V90 dial up modem is high end. While old school modems are pretty well useless these days it still isnt even at the top end as V90 was replaced by v92.

  nagonlouse 15:32 19 Sep 2006

notrom, I bought this computer from Lidl in June this year, it was priced £599.00 so how come it is now £799.00.

The after sales service is spot on. Email them and they respond straight away.

  notrom 18:06 19 Sep 2006

Ooops. Grovelling apologies, I missed off the bottom of the spec - it's reduced to £499! It does matter a bit of a difference. Apologies again.

  terryf 21:26 19 Sep 2006

I am peeved, I paid £499 for a Targa 3500+ earlier this year. However no complaints but ask them to take the PC out of the box in store as well as checking that all accessories are there. There transport seems to treat computers as just another case of beans and I had 2 damaged PC cases before I got the one I have. No problems or quibbles over exchanging them on the spot and PC works fine

  Quiet Life 15:47 20 Sep 2006

Hi The packaging was the best part of the Targa I bought. Motherboard,graphics card etc are all "Targa Editions" giving you less performance than the item on which it is based.
The machine I got was badly specified and overheated badly. Targa's solution was to up the temperature at ahich the warning buzzer was activated.
This was way above AMD's recommendations.
I found their service prompt in replying but they would not accept the fact that the machine was not right and in the end I took it back to Lidl who promptly refunded.
Although denying that the machine was badly specified they actually e-mailed me several weeks after I returned it saying
"We have taken your suggestions into account and - as you might have already found out - made changes to our machines' design."
Why they were not prepared to make changes to an existing machine I do not know.
The price is cheap and so is the product. However you do get a lot in the package and you might be lucky.

  Bingalau 17:21 20 Sep 2006

I bought mine from Lidl also and have had no problems whatsoever. ..Bingalau..

Targa. I have had 3 all bought from Lidl.

If only all computer retailers were like Lidl!!!!

Targa service the best I have ever had My present machine almost 3yr old has developed a faulty dvd burner. 5mins on their help line and a new piece of equipment is on it's way to me. There was a 3yr guarantee with machine. Targa offered to supply an engineer I am happy to do self fit.

A little while ago the startup button broke same thing again a new front dispatched I had it in 4 days simple to fit.
Have no fear with Targa equipment as good as you can get for the money and service best I have ever known

arm 987

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