A TalkTalk word of warning...

  Stuartli 14:00 23 Jun 2006

I see that TalkTalk has recommenced advertising its "free" broadband offer in national newspapers, so here's a word of warning if you are thinking of making the change.

It all boils down to the fact that if your current ISP is only able to provide a Data Stream MAC, rather than IP, to enable you to switch to TalkTalk, then you could be without broadband for a month or more.

TalkTalk is unable to use BBDS MACs so, in order to swap ISPs, you will have to cancel your current ISP's service and then ask TalkTalk to take it on.

It takes around 15 days for the current ISP's markers to be removed and then a further 10 days (or even a lot longer in TalkTalk's case) to connect you - that means being without broadband for some while.

For obvious reasons Carphone Warehouse doesn't make this point known when you sign up (at least in my case), so it's worth thinking about if you are thinking of taking advantage of its service.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:10 25 Jun 2006

How is your switch-over going?

  €dstowe 08:31 25 Jun 2006

I can never understand why these things take so long - like waiting days for cheques to clear when, at the touch of a computer key or two, the whole thing could be completed in seemingly zero time.

I don't expect to wait days for the light to come on when I press the light switch so why should one electical operation take days/weeks/months and another is immediate?

(This is a rhetorical question and I know the answer. Pity the "powers that be" aren't a bit more on the side of the people that pay their salary - they may then get a little more respect.)

  spuds 09:28 25 Jun 2006

This is how a lot of things start nowadays. A big blaze of media glory, then a fizzle out because someone organizing these things have not taken into account all possibilities of providing an active and reliable service. It seems to cover all industries, from ISP's to water boards and the whole spectrum of life.

Bit like the traveling traders in the old west. The elixir of life on the label, and perhaps in the bottle. But after you have paid the money, will it cure all the ill's?.

  Stuartli 09:53 25 Jun 2006

Not, at the moment, for the reason I posted the thread, plus the fact that I've been away for a while.

I only discovered by chance, thanks to a clued up member of TalkTalk's broadband call centre, the reason for not being connected as expected on June 5th.

At present I'm debating whether to wait until CPW's LLU equipment comes on stream at my local exchange in August and stick with Tiscali for the moment.

At least Tiscali's customer service has vastly improved since TalkTalk came on the scene...:-)

  SG Atlantis® 11:21 25 Jun 2006

Good to know.

I was looking at all my options since I no longer have ntl. How do you find Tiscali?

That's who I have just signed up with and I'll be connected on the 3rd July. I'm currently using their PAYG dial up.

I don't like the idea of free broadband (well I do in principal, I like free things) but something has to give.

  Stuartli 12:41 25 Jun 2006

Tiscali can prove a mixed bag. I've been with the company since WorldOnline days (about eight years) and after Tiscali took over it proved to be a gradual decline in some areas of customer support.

However, it has improved in recent weeks and, in fact, one of the questions you are asked when requesting a MAC is whether you are leaving because of Tiscali's customer service and support record?

The fact that the TalkTalk offer, despite your misgivings, is amazing value for money is obviously causing Tiscali (and other ISPs) considerable concern.

  ened 12:43 25 Jun 2006

Dare I enquire as to why you needed to contact Tiscali Customer Services?

  Stuartli 13:04 25 Jun 2006

As I said, when requesting a MAC...:-)

To be honest, on the odd occasion I've contacted Tiscali by phone or e-mail, the responses have been good.

  spuds 13:10 25 Jun 2006

I have used Tiscali since the days of the Lineone merger. Never had any real problems, and those that I did have were minor and soon sorted out. One complaint that I do have, is the Indian call centre, and some of the answers you receive, due to misunderstandings of the English language and dialects. Write a letter to Kiln Farm, it always seems to receive a prompt response.

Just saved myself £3.00 a month by 'upgrading' my package to £14.99 per month (was £17.99). Now waiting for Tiscali 8mb Max-service at the same or less price!.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:40 25 Jun 2006

Same comment as spuds.....a few of my friends already have talk talk (old version) and their connection speeds are dire, perhaps this is a portent of things to come with their 'new' service.


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