TalkTalk planning to offer free broadband

  Stuartli 14:17 09 Apr 2006

According to news stories today CarPhoneWarehouse is planning to offer free broadband to TalkTalk landline subscribers. See:

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As I'm already with it (the company took over One-Tel) wondering if anyone knows any more and whether it will just be for new customers?

  Forum Editor 15:19 09 Apr 2006

and although CPW are being tight-lipped about it I think you can expect to see an official announcement soon.

The result will be an immediate price war, as Broadband sellers try desperately to safeguard their market share. Price wars don't always benefit the consumer of course, and broadband service levels could suffer as suppliers rush to cut overheads.

Buckle up people, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

  Stuartli 16:43 09 Apr 2006

>>I think you can expect to see an official announcement soon. >>

Tuesday, according to one source...:-)

This is an earlier story, which I didn't spot at the time:

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  amonra 18:39 09 Apr 2006

Virgin's tie up with NTL will produce a group that will be capable of offering Telephone, (fixed and mobile) Cable TV, Music, broadband services such as Film downloads, and many, many more once Mr. Branson gets things moving. He is already quoted as saying "If you four services, one can be FREE !" Look out ISPs, you've got competition knocking at your door.

  jimv7 19:55 09 Apr 2006

I saw on the news tonight, sunday 09/04/06, that CPW is offering free b/b with their phone service.

  Stuartli 20:13 09 Apr 2006

You will notice very little difference to Telewest and Ntl services for quite a while to come - both will still operate individually. See;

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Both companies already offer Internet, phone and digital TV serves, plus access to a large library of movies and programmes that can be watched at any time and controlled in the same way as DVDs.

Richard Branson will not have as much input as you believe as he is, in fact, allowing Ntl to use the Virgin brand name as well as selling Virgin Mobile to the cable outfit.


The subject of the thread is "TalkTalk planning to offer free broadband."

CarPhoneWarehouse is the owner of the TalkTalk brand name.

At present it is merely speculation but, as they say, there's no smoke without fire.

  Stuartli 20:31 09 Apr 2006

A similar all round package is available from HomeChoice (click here) but this is mainly in the London area, although it is gradually being extended to other areas. See:

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  ventanas 21:30 09 Apr 2006

I tend to agree with the FE. I would much rather pay a reasonable monthly fee for a reliable service, than have something useless for free. I hope the likes of BT, Wanadoo etc play on this and don't drop their standards. Because if CFW get it wrong, and can't provide a reliable service, there will be a lot of people wishing they were still paying.

  the old man 12:11 10 Apr 2006

I like one or two others have been with ONETEL and we have been taken over by Talk Talk. I heard murmurings about this scheme late last week but it did not stop me renegotiating my current contract with Pipex for BB. I am always weary of people bearing gifts which cost nothing. New deal with Pipex will do me and no it does not involve their 3000 free minutes deal either. Just asked for a MAC code and hey presto.

  Stuartli 12:35 10 Apr 2006

There are many, many thousands of people who used the "free" Anytime phone calls service offered by a number of companies (for a flat monthly fee) and they don't look gift horses in the mouth.

The same goes for free weekend and evening calls.

My One-Tell bill has these spot on i.e. no charges.

Since switching from BT, apart from line rental, my phone call charges have dropped from double figures a month to around £3 to £4 a month.

  dms05 13:20 10 Apr 2006

We've all become used to expensive ADSL and now many fear a cheaper version. Why? Just because it was expensive doesn't make it good - all that happens is the provider becomes fat and complacent on the profits. Let's have some competition and see some sleek and efficient operators.

In addition as 'pay for content' becomes normal who's going to pay for the method of transmission and the product (unless you have BT as a monopoly supplier when you would have to).

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