Talktalk-migrating line rental compulsory?

  toofy 13:40 20 Nov 2007

Applied for BB with Talktalk in April 2006 & after some hiccups got it in August. Today Talktalk have phoned to say that I agreed back in April to migrate the line rental from BT (which I pay BT for at present). I said I thought the transfer was optional and asked to be sent an email confirming I was contracted to migrate the line rental. THIS WAS REFUSED. I was told that unless I migrated the line rental my BB would be terminated. I am being sent a letter advising the date on which BB will be ended.
Does anyone know if Talktalk contracts do include line rental migration or is this an example of hard selling? (I read that BT will fix a problem with landline quicker than Talktalk.)

  Spark6 14:23 20 Nov 2007

My Talk3 International went live in July. The registration document I downloaded in June clearly states:

Talk3 International, Line rental & Broadband - £19.49.

Calling features * 1 - Free. HTH.

  xania 15:32 20 Nov 2007

Which is why I rejected Talk Talk when I was looking to replace my ISP recently.

  spuds 19:29 20 Nov 2007

You could email [email protected] (He's the boss)informing him that you were refused confirmation to your request. Talk Talk should have transfered your line rental to themselves and charged you for this as part of the contract. If you are paying BT still, then it appears this transfer did not go through.

You should be paying Talk Talk for Talk 2 £5.89 + £10.50 line rental = £16.39 per month or Talk 3 = £19.49 per month which includes line rental. If you are not paying these prices, then I would suspect something is wrong, and needs correcting.

  Spark6 19:50 20 Nov 2007

I trust that an email to Charles Dunstone receives a more prompt reply than my snail mail, addressed to him personally, first class post, sent 24/07/07. I'm still waiting but not holding my breath.

My complaint, regarding TT's refusal to accept the return of the EchoLife modem router they supplied, was ignored. Here we have a company who supply a piece of kit with wireless capabilities but who will only support the wireless function if the customer pays extra for that support!

When I found and downloaded the manual for the router, with the help of this forum, the first item I noted inside the first page was that a copy of the manual should have been supplied with the router. I dread the thought of any future problems that would require TT's assistance or guidance.

  spuds 20:25 20 Nov 2007

I have a thread click here running at the moment, and it would appear that cocteau48 (Sun 18/11/[email protected]) was successful in using that email contact. That contact was also provided to me by Carphone Warehouse should I wish to escalate a complaint. The other method was 0870 087 0168 for general Customer Care.

Perhaps you might have a better response, if you try that email contact point.Charles Dunstone CEO of Carphone Warehouse, does actually suggests that you use that email address if you are having problems.

  Stuartli 20:39 20 Nov 2007

The contract with TalkTalk includes CarphoneWarehouse paying your line rental to BT on your behalf.

I suspect it's to do partially with taking a tiny proportion of the line rental for itself, plus the fact that you are/or should soon be receiving your broadband and phone calls services through TT's own LLU equipment at your exchange.

It is still BT's equipment from the exchange to your property.

To check whether your exchange is TT LLU equipped, see:

click here

  oresome 16:37 21 Nov 2007

"(I read that BT will fix a problem with landline quicker than Talktalk.)"

Regardless of who you pay landline rental to, BT will own and repair the physical landline to your property.

If you pay landline rental to a third party, they will have to be satisfied that the line is faulty before passing the fault to BT for repair. To that extent I can see that it might add some delay. I suppose it could get worse if the fault is not clear cut and a dispute between the ISP and BT arises as to who's at fault.

  toofy 17:42 21 Nov 2007

Thanks to all.I am wiser now! Almost decided to move to Sky as I was thinking of having sat tv anyway but noticed their terms exclude any business use. We do a bit of B&B to keep afloat and need our website. Talktalks Intl 3 package is working OK touch wood & so I will probably decide to stay put, migrate the line rental & accept it will cost £70 approx to leave if things worsen.

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