talktalk lost email password

  howard64 18:58 20 Aug 2009

A friend asked me to help them get their talktalk email working but they had forgotten their password. There is an option to reset the password if you have lost it. This takes you to aol which then says if you are with talktalk click here and that takes you back to the login page with the password you have forgotten. If you ring their password retrieval number you are given the password for your broadband account with talktalk not the password for the email. After 30 minutes of trying to phone and get a person to talk to I gave up.

  Stuartli 19:12 20 Aug 2009

Have you followed the instructions at:

click here ?

As you may (or may not) be aware, the user name and password for logging onto TalkTalk is your phone number and a TT nominated password comprising letters and numbers.

The e-mail user name is (normally) forename.surname with the password personally chosen by the TalkTalk subscriber.

  howard64 19:20 20 Aug 2009

thanks Stuartli I will go and use their phone and see if they give a different password to the broadband account.

  howard64 19:45 20 Aug 2009

Stuartli that number does not give the email password but the broadband account password. The helpdesk number gets you through to a person but because the account is in the name of my friends husband they will not deal with her although she is the only one that uses the broadband. This form of pettyness will make me consider changing when my contract with them finishes.

  tullie 20:33 20 Aug 2009

I suppose its like someone ringing your bank instead of you?

  Stuartli 21:13 20 Aug 2009

TalkTalk will only deal with the account holder - it's a security measure and I'm all in agreement with it.

The fact that your friend is the only one using the broadband is irrelevant.

Is it not possible for her husband, as the account holder, to ring on her behalf?

  wiz-king 21:44 20 Aug 2009

You might find it with this click here

  howard64 17:20 21 Aug 2009

thanks wiz-king nice little prog showed up my friends credit card and debit card numbers as well as their bank log-on. This proves that you should wipe a hard drive before you get rid of it. Unfortunately it did not show anything for talktalk. My friends husband had to phone this morning for it. Niether of them can remember setting that password but it at least worked. Thanks all - job done but talktalk lost friends by being so totally unfriendly and unhelpful. Now they will get a letter of complaint and will have to change the account for husband and wife. Yesterday the husband was away on business and the email was important.

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