TalkTalk line rental £9.50

  Covergirl 05:32 08 Sep 2011

If you pay 12 months in advance for your line rental through TT, it works out at £9.50 per month. BT did that over a year ago too.

Great, eh? Otherwise it goes up to £13.80.

  TopCat® 14:11 08 Sep 2011

I've just received that offer too, Covergirl, and will be paying the £114 required on the 1st of October. From the company's point of view, I can see this should help to retain subscribers full term, but in the current economic climate it is a generous offer. Hopefully more may come in due course. TC.

  spuds 00:52 09 Sep 2011

I haven't received the offer yet, but that is possibly due to me having a rolling contract, and informing TalkTalk that I do not want to be tied to them, due to past problems?.

  TopCat® 13:24 09 Sep 2011


I'm also on what they call a "out of commitment" contract, but once I sign up to this Value Line Rental offer then all will be contracted to TT for 12 months from the joning date. Should you wish to opt in to VLR then I would think just signing up would place you on it - unless TT have placed a marker against your name. TC.

  spuds 11:47 10 Sep 2011


You are possibly correct about the new 12 month contract, hence my concern about looking into this offer, which as to date as not been offered to me.

Due to previous ongoing problems with TalkTalk, I now have direct contact points with 'higher level' management. But that in itself as caused both positive and negative responses in getting problems resolved. Perhaps holding my allegiance to TT for a contract period of a further 12 months, then arguing the point if things go wrong, is perhaps not worth 'saving money' on offer?.

  birdface 09:48 11 Sep 2011

Virginmedia is just over £14 just now which I think is a bit of a rip off and their actual phone charges when you use it are the same .It is cheaper using a mobile than using their phone.

But if you want to take a package out with them the phone is part of the package and if you don't want the phone they still caharge about the same amount for the package without the phone.

So just a win win situation for virginmedia.

  sunnystaines 06:58 12 Sep 2011

I am with talktalk and out of the tie in period, not had the offer but would prefer the option to give a months notice now than save a few pounds.

they provide very good speed. only disappointmeant they closed down their very helpful call centre in ireland would have preferred if they shut down their dreadful one in india.

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