Talktalk Help?????? or not to help? Now I know.

  Ex plorer 00:58 11 Jan 2012

Its long but broken up for a quick read.

Speak as you find Tiscali now TalkTalk its been very good for the past 6 years the email side has been awkward most weeks to access just like today but I will access at some time in the day.

My Internet connection started to play up Boxing-day to go slow to no connection over the next 5 days. It wasn't the laptop as my sons and daughters laptop and phones would not connect.

First contact with TalkTalk and cutting a long story short they said the router was to blame. It wasnt a TakTalk router and they couldnt help until it was updated.

I was sent a D-link DSL 2680 so I started to set it up, it says at the start about going live and would be okay to use once I had gone live.

Never heard of going Live but been a customer for 6 years I ran the set-up and of course 2 thirds the way through it would not connect to the Internet just a big Red cross went through the set up.

So I rang rang the team for help I repeated the problem to two talk-Talk Technical Advisers (TA) I was told there was a problem in my area and all would be well in 2 days. (Fell for that one)

Ran set-up a few days later again no internet.

Back to TalkTalk same rigmarole of explaining what had been done tried etc.

After forty minuets on the phone of music I was told servers were down at this time.

I asked for TAs name and he seemed to have forgotten it, he repeated something and I pushed for his name after some mumbling he said Sam, probably in front of a Samsung monitor or laptop who knows he was the 4th who just passed me off.

Gave it a few days and still no Internet rang the team again this time with a cup of laced coffee of baileys try and make the experience enjoyable.

Repeated all to first advisor who passed me on yet again to TA that he could not handle on to a third and forth 50 minuets later some one asked me what OS I was using said he would test the router yipeeeeee getting some where and then said some people are having the same problem and we are working on it you should be connected by 2pm tomorrow aww crap and that was that.

Left it for a couple of days still no internet back to TalkTalk.

So this time same coffee with the bottle of baileys as well, here we go again as i got moved up the Que to the adviser she listened to all told and i did mention that I felt I was getting a poor service from the team of TAs.

Three TAs all men who pushed me off as they could not help.

The last one I asked would you talk me through the CD procedure as it loads and I will explain what I am doing. Reply I cant do that you need to go higher up, aw crap.

I also asked if he would like to talk me through making a connection on my laptop just to make sure all was in order, sorry sir was the reply.

You are TA arnt you. What do you cover and why was I connected to you sorry sir I cant help I will get you an adviser one moment.

I reckon it takes 15 minuets between music and the life of a TA to answer or wake up.

This time a lady Adviser she did listen well I told her the life storey, (Ever seen the advert about the donkey and mole yea I felt like the donkey.)

I will get some one to deal with your problem (really) over an hour had gone so changed land line wireless phones over in case battery ran out.

That flaming music was driving me nuts got cramp in my left arm holding the phone, I here you say well swap it to yer right arm, thing is cant here much in my right ear.

With a fresh phone and second slug of baileys in my coffee, (in fact the taste of coffee had sorta gone by now.) I settled back as the Lady said she would find me a TA who cold deal with the problem hmmmmmmmm.

Then it was my turn after been moved up the Que and then those words, How may I help you sir, ermm don't you know, no sir, told him the last person I talked to would get someone to help me after I had explained it all to her.

So repeated myself yet again, one moment sir, hey-up now what, kept coming back and saying sorry to keep you waiting for quite a while and then said you haven't gone live. You wont get a Internet connection until after the 19th of this month.

WHAT I rely on my Internet, well I don't but my turn to stretch the truth. Pour it on I did politely maybe with a slightly raised voice 19th what about business people etc. His English worsened to the point I kept asking him to repeat himself I gave up and hung up.

Of course with the new free modem that's no good until the 19th I now have 12 month contract with them as it was free. (Fell for that didn't I just)

Going Live I have since looked it up but had no word from TALKTALK via email.

How did I get on line to send this, yes its from my laptop in my home through TalkTalk baffling isn't it.

Put my old BT router on went through configuration manager and set it up on the laptop. On line slow but its good to be back.

TalkTalk (TA) Technical Advisers Is there 5 of them who sit in a small room taking turns in answering the phone.

Will I stay with them NO if you cant rely on the Technical Advisers help and get lied to then I'm off.

I am checking out 2 other ISPs it will cost more but I have time to do my home work and yes I will complain to TalkTalk them selves about the shoddy TAs they employ.

It will be more detailed than this but before Christmas I always recommended TalTalk.

Pros Any one asks cheap no bother for 6 years email can play up.

Cons. Help and Technical Advisers when things go wrong Total let down.

Don't Do Dont get sucked in at the end off 12 months and agree a further 12 months at a reduced rate. If things go wrong and you feel you are getting let down you are free to move ISPs.

  onthelimit1 08:56 11 Jan 2012

You get what you pay for. TT is priced very competitively, but when things go wrong, they are not the best at sorting the problems. I use a small company that charge £16 a month. On the two occasions where I've had a connection problem, it's been sorted in under 5 mins by an engineer in Cheshire on a local rate call.

  spuds 08:59 11 Jan 2012

I have another post running on the forum at present about being unable to get my email from TalkTalk's webmail, due to "a server problem" over the past three days now. Apparently they know about the server problem, because 'they are working on it'. But they have not informed the customers very well.

Even trying to get this information yesterday evening took over half an hour of listening to music, being told via a recorded message that they are there to help, then when connected to a human voice, you cannot understand half of wait is being said, due to other advisor's chattering in the background and the advisor's 'quiet English'.

Personally I cannot understand how TalkTalk works, because no sooner do they seem to get rid of one problem, another one appears. Even supposed warnings and possible fines from Ofcom doesn't seem to help?.

  iscanut 09:56 11 Jan 2012

TT is the most complained about ISP by a long way according to recent polls in several mags and newspapers.

  Covergirl 13:27 11 Jan 2012

"TT is the most complained about ISP by a long way according to recent polls in several mags and newspapers"

That's probably because they're one of the biggest. I agree their tech assistance is crap. Search for any ISPs tech assistance forums and you will find they are all full of dissatisfied customers.

Also as mentioned, you get what you pay for.

Setting up a TT router should be no more than entering your phone number / password in the account section and setting some security.

Having said that, the supplied d-link routers from TT have never worked properly for me, forever dropping connection and degenerating speed; I connected my old tiscali modem (speedtouch?) and I never had a problem since. Fingers crossed!!

I've had no problems with webmail in the last few weeks.

  interzone55 17:15 11 Jan 2012

Only had to use Talk Talk tech support once and it was OK.

I'd bought a new router with gigabit connections and 802.11n wireless and I couldn't get it to connect. The advisor looked at my logs and could see the router was trying to connect, but failing.

As it wasn't a router they support (Zyxel) they couldn't help further. gave me Zyxel's tech number, so I called them. Within seconds they had the answer, emailed me a firmware update for the router and bob's your uncle.

For best Tech support you need O2, they're fantastic, but I need fast unlimited internet as I work from home most days, and only Talk Talk, AOL and Tiscali have LLU kit in our exchange & guess what, they're all the same company - so much for us being a "Market2" exchange with 2 or 3 principal operators...

  Housten 17:54 13 Jan 2012

I have had a tiscali email address for many years now, it started off with PAYG and now I am on broadband. Since TalkTalk took over you can not say the service has gone downhill, it has virtually vanished. 12 months ago voted worst customer service by Mail readers, and they have managed to repeat this! I have given up trying to get any helpfrom them as sometimes I can not get into my emails and have sent a message/plea from their web site. Hear nothing and a few days later I can get to emails, one of which is from an engineer telling me what to do!!! As I have said I can't get into my emails why send me one?? Another problem is that I don't actually have an account with them although had email address for, probably, more than 10 years. How have I manged this - not a clue!! Like the engineers who have, on occasion, rung me up and ask for my account details although I have included everything they ask for when submitting the query, they obviously don't read the header and then go looking for a non-existent account. They are unbelievable and, if they win the worst customer service category again, I think they should be put down - and preferably not painlessly!! Or am I in a minority with that thought???

  sunnystaines 09:45 14 Jan 2012

with talktalk try and get through to their irish or south african call centres they are very helpful.

avoid the indian call centre they are dreadful, they do not seem to have any concept about what bb is and are lost if its not a standard question on thier help list.

With all the bad press tt gets i am surprised they have not shut down india and moved back to the uk.

  Ex plorer 15:46 18 Jan 2012

I had an email from TakTalk and they wanted to know how my call went to there call Agents. After a long winded note / book I said I was leaving them next year.

A few days later I had a phone call, they were offering me a substantial package deal.

I explained that a INSP is of no use to me who don't have a reliable help service.

My reason for leaving TalkTalk is based on them alone the email did have problems at times but not to the extent I would leave TalkTalk.

He pushed on like any sales man does and I said if you offered me a free year I would still leave TalkTalk as they do not have a reliable help line.

  spuds 17:01 18 Jan 2012

Will you leaving TalkTalk make any difference to them, when they are now advertising a broadband and telephone package at £3.25 per month to new customers?.

What substantial package deal, did they offer you, so that you would stay with them?.

  woodchip 20:02 18 Jan 2012

Just got my Talktalk Problem sorted in about 24 hours, It was a BT landline fault, line was nearly broken just over 400meters from my home in a BT box

There was noise on the line and BB was all over the place. Where as I normally Have good download speeds and phone connection 1.5 miles from exchange Just tested speed on Namesco BB Max

Download 6206kbp

upload speed 751kbps

Before it was repaired it had dropped to a few hundred kbps download

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