TalkTalk To EE Negotiation Success 9 Months Prior To End Of Contract.

  uggly 20:43 27 Aug 2013

Back in June this year, I had severe problems with my broadband. BT Open Reach had to be called in and they were here for three hours locating socket faults, line faults, green box faults, telegraph faults which they did successfully. In the past week or so, it has started again. Low broadband speed, buffering on BBC iPlayer, 'insufficient bandwidth' on Channel 4 and on BBC. Given I pay for 76mbps and usually get 72mbps but lately under 30mbps download speeds,(and a rare 'spike' of 350mbps), plus I live 100 yards from the Exchange, I decided enough was enough and had no desire to stay with TalkTalk any longer and I rang them to see how much my 'buy-out' fees would be from now until April 2014. I was told verbally £95 and this was confirmed by email today. I then went to EE/T-Mobile and gave them my business for fibre broadband and phone. EE said they would pay my buy-out fee with TalkTalk up to £100 so I told them to go ahead as my buy-out fee was £95. TalkTalk then wanted me to pay £190 to 'buy-out' my remaining 8 month contract with them. After 51 minutes of discussion about this fee, I pointed out their staff had told me the buy-out fee was £95 and their email today said £95,and on neither occasion was there any further fees mentioned. After a heated discussion about this, (I did not lose my temper, shout, swear etc as it achieves nothing) I have been credited with £70 off a final settlement bill due soon for £190 namely nearly a months line-rental and 'buy-out' fee of £95.I will be paying £120.00 next month in full and final settlement. My final day with TalkTalk is 17th September (8 months ahead of what should've been end April 2014) and EE/T-Mobile take over my broadband and phone will also pay my £95 settlement fee to my account with plus half-price services for three months plus a discount for being a T/Mobile customer. In effect, all I have paid for is a months broadband and phone usage. I believe I have negotiated a fair settlement which satisfies myself and TalkTalk to end my several year association with them. I thought this might be of interest.

  tullie 22:49 27 Aug 2013

Sorry,but it isent of interest too me.

  PeterP.. 23:05 27 Aug 2013

I was a very happy Tiscali customer and then talktalk took over. They said it would automatically take over the contract unless I wanted to leave but I would be on a month by month basis.

They have tried 3 or 4 times in the last couple of years to persuade me to sign a contract, I have always refused saying I can leave when ever I want to with out penalty. They have always agreed with this statement.

Although I am a fairly low download speed, no other ISP could offer a faster connection, I am quite happy with my lot.

I would imagine that if I was in a position to leave and under contract they would sting me for every penny the could get.

Thanks for publishing your experiences with talktalk, I am sure some will find it useful.

  lotvic 00:23 28 Aug 2013

Athough new router from new ISP, between that and the Exchange you will still be using same connection boxes and lines/fibre that BT Openreach repair and maintain. Did you ask for DLM - Dynamic Line Management to be turned off? Ah well, too late now to try that, hope it works out with EE.

  lotvic 00:47 28 Aug 2013

"The Openreach Fibre to the Cabinet products use a DLM system that has three main modes, the only control a retail provider has is to pick which of these three profiles your new FTTC connection will run on, or swap you between the various modes." more info ClickHere

  Forum Editor 06:15 28 Aug 2013

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  uggly 08:45 28 Aug 2013


When BT were here in June, the chap spent a couple of hours checking the whole lot of connections including the cabinets outside my home and across the road where the fibre was installed. When he finished, he showed me on his meter that my download speed was 80mbps and upload was 20mbps. For a couple of weeks all was well. Then the speed dropped out, and my iPlayer would constantly buffer ending with 'insufficient bandwidth'. I am not technically minded but if something doesn't work having had it corrected, then I am inclined to say that I can't be asked to pay for something I'm not getting.

I pointed out to TalkTalk they were 'throttling' back my connection which they would neither confirm or deny. Or,as I put it to them, if I have 4 t-shirts on a washing line trying to dry, and 30 other people also put 4 t-shirts on that same washing line to dry, the t-shirts for all don't get dry and the line snaps all because of congestion, over-use and over-subscribed. I think this is what happens with fibre here especially with the slow take-up of it in my market town of 30,000.

I will be glad when EE take over the service though and I really do hope that it will all be vastly improved to what I have now. If not, EE will feel my wrath as have TalkTalk. Thank you for wishing me well though.

  lotvic 13:45 28 Aug 2013

I don't have all the answers, I was attempting to give you information so that you may be able to understand some of the excuses (technical reasons) that ISPs come out with. I really do hope it is ok with EE having gone through my own long winded problems getting a good connection :)

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