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  wotan 20:02 06 Jan 2010

Recently contacted by TalkTalk phone rep. about switching to one of their plans from Tiscali. I emphasised that my main requirement was free anytime calls to our daughter in Jersey,Channel Islands. I stated this fact at least four times during the phone call and was assured by the rep. that the plan he wanted to switch me to would include this feature, so I agreed to switch to myTalkTalk. I have since received a letter which states that under the Terms & Conditions of the plan, the Channel Islands are excluded. I rang the customer service "helpline" only to be told it was the wrong number. I was given another number to ring, (both at premium rate), where I was told "sorry but this is the wrong number". To be fair, the second operator said she would get somebody to ring me at home, also during the course of this conversation she said that as far as she knew the Channel Islands were not included in any TalkTalk plans. When another operator rang me, at home, she checked the plan and said it did cover Jersey for free anytime calls,(even though she had no idea where the Channel Islands were). I asked her to re-check with supervisor, which she did and confirmed this was part of the plan.
Unfortunately I get the impression that this was said to get me off the phone and two e-mails to the help centre have been ignored. Not a very good recommendation for the company. Is this the general standard of TalkTalk or just a one off bad experience, and do any members know if the myTalkTalk plan does include the Channel Islands.

  MAJ 20:59 06 Jan 2010

.... all TT plans "excludes calls to Channel Islands".

Their customer service, in my experience, is usually pretty good and I've been with them a few years now. Any time I have used the helpline (not very often) it has been free to call.

  theDarkness 21:00 06 Jan 2010

ive been with talk talk for a few months now on their phone and internet plan (with the same free anytime calls). i was under the impression that the free calls only included local calls, so you must have been looking into using a different service-either that or was incorrectly informed by poor staff not up to their job. I always do a double check with advertising, eg net and magazine, and will never go by word of any member of staff, including BT. there is always room for error.

i have not had any problems at all with talktalk, the internet for the most part has been alot faster than what i previously had with BT. As for the phone itself, its not all been fastastic, when I initially connected i received automated advertising at any time of the day to the home phone constantly (eg 3 - 4 am!) but after phoning their staff i received a reply that they were very sorry about the hassle, and they took me off their standard phone directory list (so i am now officially ex-directory, like i was before with BT). no problems since.

overall, i am definately now saving money as a result of moving over from BT, despite BTs own staff (occassionally) having a higher level of expertise, although thats obviously due to the company being around alot longer, so a higher percentage of staff that know what they are talking about over the age of at least 30, who arent there just to pay off their student debt! I still receive "we hope to get you back" letters from BT advertising, which is very annoying. Despite myself being now with TalkTalk, TalkTalk DO pay BT to use the line, so its still a BT line regardless! BT are the scum of the earth that make far too much money as it is, and giving space to allow far more companies in (in the long run) will only allow for more competition, which can effectively mean lower cheaper phone rates and related services. Its too bad those telephone pylons out there will always belong to BT, but at least any faults that may occur in the future will most likely always be a fault of BTs own.

  theDarkness 21:24 06 Jan 2010

this page compares calls to channel islands click here

talk talk is still cheaper than BT for channel island calls, but it seems that its only the smaller companies that offer the completely free calls, including the islands in their package

  ame 22:38 06 Jan 2010

As a satisfied Tiscali customer of quite a few years (some may laugh but it's true!) I had a guy turn up at my door soon after the takeover (even before it was ratified by the EU, I think) asking me to switch to the talk talk service. He eventually went away disgruntled after I told him I'd change online if I needed to. Still haven't transferred - prefer the Tiscali calls + broadband I'm on. But made me think twice about continuing with talk talk once they take over Tiscali services properly....

  spuds 23:53 06 Jan 2010

I am with Tiscali, but have been approached on two occasions regarding a transfer to the Talk Talk service. I was given this Talk Talk 'special' telephone number 0192 555 4949 for further help and advice. Tried it once and the person that I spoke with was very helpful.If you haven't used that number, then it might be worth giving it a try!.

  Maccyroo 00:00 07 Jan 2010

Ive been with Tiscali phone and broadband for a few years. once they got past the initial teething problems (they got my phone line disconnected and even BT (openreach) couldn't resurrect it and i had to take a new phone number)the service has been acceptable. As soon as Talk Talk took over Tiscali,my broadband is far slower and cuts out repeatedly. Throttling at peak times is noticeably worse but after hearing from friends how useless Talk Talk customer service is, i haven't bothered to complain. All you ever seem to get are put offs, excuses, no solutions and a big phone bill for using premium rate numbers if you call a majority of ISP's.

  spuds 00:07 07 Jan 2010

Perhaps I should have mentioned that a transfer from Tiscali to the Talk Talk service may go ahead automatically for Tiscali customers later in the year, as per an email information newsletter that I received recently that possibly suggested this.

  ame 10:26 07 Jan 2010

I note today that my Tiscali homepage has now disapperared and been replaced by TalkTalk.

  wotan 12:51 07 Jan 2010

Hi and thanks for your response.
Like ame, my homepage has been now switched to TalkTalk and I have received a generic e-mail notifying me that Tiscali cutomers will be moved to TalkTalk plans during the next month.
Like other members I was quite happy with the Tiscali plan I had which gave me the Channel Island calls anytime with no charge. Obviously this is going to be taken away with no reference to customer satisfaction.
MAJ, I have been trying to confirm this fact but apparently TalkTalk customer service are themselves unaware of what exactly they are providing, as I have already said, two operators and supposedly a supervisor say I will get free calls anytime to Channel Islands (based on the fact that the dialling code begins with 01 (01534)). A different operator and their Terms & Conditions say I will not get the calls. Meanwhile they are still not replying to my e-mails.
SPUDS. Thanks, I will check that number out,
The Darkness. Thanks, I will have a look at that page.
Thanks again for the response, I will mark this as resolved and come back later if I get any response from TalkTalk

  wotan 14:21 07 Jan 2010

Hi again,
Spuds, I got through on that number and a very polite lady, named Sophie, took my complaint, stating "Our call plans DO NOT cover the Channel Islands", as soon as I had finished stating my complaint. She was apologetic, and agreed to cancel the order immediately adding that she would speak to her supervisor about the standard of service I had received, and also about the mis-selling of the plan. This obviously resolves my situation, leaving me with a search for the best Phone/broadband deal that will keep me in touch with our daughter.
Many thanks to the Forum members for their input.

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