123joey123 16:13 18 Mar 2010

You may be intersted in my experience with this company.
I decided to change to TaalkTalk as they were offering a cheaper package than my present one.
They offered the set up fee free in the package.It was for broadband and telephone line.
Eventually they took over the line but no broadband was forthcoming.Then I got my first bill and it included a set up fee but still no broadband.
I rang the help line five times. Each time I got an Asian lady who spoke very quickly with some accent and I had difficulty in understanding.
I emailed half a dozen times to the designated help address and got an automated reply but never a reply to my queries.
I had a cancel option in 30 days and inormed them but still no reply.
Seems you gey what you pay for.

  natdoor 17:25 18 Mar 2010

I have beeen with TalkTalk for about years. Initially I paid £10 per month for broadband but it becomes free when the local telephone exchange ecomes unbundled (LLU).

I discovered that our exchange had been unbundled for some time so asked at the local Carphone Warehouse when my line would be switched. I was given a date but nothing happened, so complained and got another date. Still no joy. I was then told that the problem as getting a BT engineer to make the change. I then e-mailed the office of Charles Dunstone and was contacted by someone by phone who told me when the changeover would occur. I then received a phone call every day advising of progress until the changeover had occurred and then to check that the new modem was correctly installed and working. I was also financially compensated for the delay in switching my telephone line.

So I would say that, as with any large organisation, there will be times when things go a bit awry but, needless to say, I am well satisfied with the service from TalkTalk and the measures that they took.

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