Talk Talk Upgrade for Tiscali customers

  Dai Chyandour 15:55 21 Jan 2010

I have just been advised that my TalkTalk (ex Tiscali) Broadband/phone fee goes up on 15 February from £17.61 to £22.48. And they are now putting a 40Gb cap where there was none before (although their letter does not mention this). Increase the price and reduce the service seems to be the key to increased profits for Carphone Warehouse. Tough on us ex-Tiscali customers.

  tullie 16:24 21 Jan 2010

If you are not happy,change ISP,if you arent still in contract.

  spuds 18:15 21 Jan 2010
  oresome 19:03 21 Jan 2010

I've received the same letter with the same increase imposed.

I'm now "aligned" with a Talk Talk package that is capped and doesn't include international calls for the privilege of paying an extra 27% per month.

If I sign up for 18 months, rather than let the contract roll on, there's a £20 Amazon gift voucher on offer as a sweetner.

The letter ends by thanking me for my continued custom. I wouldn't be so sure of that in their shoes.

  spuds 20:04 21 Jan 2010

Considering that the letter mentions that they (Talk Talk) have invested millions in their broadband network ( I haven't noticed it yet) and that it covers 21 million homes, then on a monthly basis of an average £4.00 increase per home, then thats a very good return, for a recent takeover. Or have I got the facts wrong?.

Methinks that this is not the last we will hear of this!.

  The Kestrel 09:13 22 Jan 2010

Surely and legally, Talk Talk cannot change the terms and cost mid-contract without giving the option of ending the existing contract penalty free.

  KremmenUK 15:17 22 Jan 2010

Time to move to O2 perhaps,like I did when Tiscali bought Pipex and did a similar more for less deal.

Never looked back, O2 for me are faultless.

UK 24/7 Free helpline

  FEEBS 13:43 16 Feb 2010

I spoke to TT cust. services this morning and they assured me that my free weekend international calls still apply because I haven't been conned into giving up my old package.
The up to 8Mb speed is rubbish - I can get a max of 512Kb regardless of supplier as that's all the exchange will do.
So I'm paying £2 a month extra for nothing - I'll probably change ISP

  Input Overload 21:04 16 Feb 2010

If you have Sky TV I found the Sky BB was excellent.

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