Talk Talk say they are 'Processing my order' !

  muddypaws 18:54 11 Feb 2013

Have been with TT for years.

Today I received an email thanking me for joining TT. They are processing my order and my welcome pack

will arrive shortly.

Looking forward to receiving a new router!

Any one else had similar?

  Forum Editor 19:01 11 Feb 2013

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  muddypaws 19:03 11 Feb 2013


Apologies and thanks.

  morddwyd 20:17 11 Feb 2013

No but on Friday I had one from BT advising me of a service interruption today.

Since it was to "Undisclosed Recipients" I was a bit suspicious and e-mailed Customer Servs asking for confirmation that it was genuine.

I received a response apologising for suspending my service but they had written to me in September telling me my contract was up and I had to sign a new one.

I replied pointing out that there was nothing wrong with my service or contract, and asking them asking them if they would answer my original question.

I received another response saying that the e-mail was genuine, but it was sent in error and I should ignore it as my account was already registered.

I am now totally confused!

  Hardwriter 07:57 12 Feb 2013

I received the same email at 4pm today. Included my first name and address but not my TalkTalk account number. Does not ask for details directly but does have an 'any questions' link that appears to go to a TalkTalk web page. TalkTalk say it is a scam but their telephone customer service cannot,usually be trusted so I don't know for sure? Sent it to TalkTalk's phishing alert address anyway.

  muddypaws 08:47 12 Feb 2013


Just noticed that it quotes TT as being in the top ten in 2009!

Probably 'scam' = excuse for cock up.

  spuds 17:39 12 Feb 2013

At least one forum member had an email about service interruption and contract.

A few years back I had no broadband service at all,there one minute and total shutdown next. Checking either Tiscali or was that TalkTalk, I was rather abruptly told that I had been disconnected (without warning) because I had not paid the monthly bill. Apparently their system forgot to collect payment from a monthly direct payment arrangement, and it was all my fault?.

Not only my fault, but also many other subscriber's who had the same experiences of forgetting to pay that month.

  cruiser2 19:07 12 Feb 2013

I have been with TT for several years. I have sent an email and a letter asking when my contact finishes and other questions. Having asked for a written reply, I am now getting phone calls. When I ask if the letter/email has been read, it seems to cause confusion. I explain that I will not discuss the case and want a written answer. I am still waiting after nearly a month. I have had an email asking to comment on the service. I just put very poor to every question.

  spuds 20:42 12 Feb 2013


If you have been with them for years, and you haven't renewed the contract, then you are on a 'rolling contract'. You just carry on as you were, with no tie ins or penalties.

  mikef. 17:46 13 Feb 2013

I had similar from BT several years ago and when I queried it they were sending me a new hub as mine was well out of date, it was the anniversary of when I joined them

  muddypaws 08:41 15 Feb 2013


Received during the night:

"We are aware that you've received an e-mail stating that you have placed a new order with TalkTalk.

The email was generated by our systems in error, please rest assured that no unwanted orders have been placed as a result and you don’t need to take any action.

We apologise for the confusion this may have caused. We appreciate this sort of error simply should not happen and we are taking further steps to prevent it happening again.

Yours sincerely,

Nigel Pearson Senior Director, Customer Services, TalkTalk"

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