Talk Talk price changes announced

  TopCat® 12:55 12 Mar 2010

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They also state that the network will be boosted to 'up to' 24 Meg over the next few months. Line condition and location will determine if this is possible for the subscribers. TC.

  sunnystaines 13:09 12 Mar 2010

have you heard if there is any news on the 0844 & 0871 being added to the free 0745/0870 package was tol a while backit would be included soon but now cannot get a staight answer.

i,m still in a 18 mth contract does that protect me during that time from any price rises?

  TopCat® 13:55 12 Mar 2010

I haven't heard, or I've missed, any further news on those numbers you mention, but as for the price rises, then I'm afraid your current contract doesn't give you any protection. Some consumers on certain packages like TalkTalk Pro and TalkTalk Essentials, which is mentioned in the article, will not have to pay an increase.

There is a link to their T&Cs on the webpage for further info if needed. TC.

  sunnystaines 16:13 12 Mar 2010


  brindly 17:37 12 Mar 2010

I was with Tiscali and afew weeks ago T T gave us the opp to take a 18 month new contract, we have anytime plus broafband. They said March 24 they would be increasing the speed and incuded in the package was toe o845 and other premium numbers but you had to opt in, if you didn't you don't get them free. They increased our monthly payment by a couple of pounds, so still a great deal.I think thats right

  six-h 00:39 13 Mar 2010

I'm on the Talk 3 plus broadband package @ £20.36 monthly inc. line rental(no longer offered) with which I'm quite happy, but there's a dark cloud on the horizon!
Earlier this week, they (TT) phoned me with an "Offer":
Superfast BB with faster download speeds and higher cap with the addition of "all you can eat" overseas calls to replace my current contract at its expiry for slightly more than £26.
I declined the offer stating that I download little and rarely call overseas Nos.
Somewhat put out by my lack of enthusiasm, she then offered the package free, until my contract was due for renewal.
Again I declined on the grounds that it would be pointless which she evidently found incredible.
I'm now left wondering what other ISP's are offering in case my contract renewal terms don't suit.

  TopCat® 12:37 13 Mar 2010

My 18 month Talk International Anytime contract ran out some months ago so I consider myself a free agent. I can choose to stay with them or freely move elsewhere. I see the packages on offer have changed since I joined them but, unless their terms have changed, you should have the same options as me.

I would advise that you don't sign up for another 18 months when your current contract expires; it's your choice whether you do so or not. TC.

  sunnystaines 13:05 13 Mar 2010

recently joined talktalk found they were the best deal for us.

looked at o2 and sky but too expensive, but virgin did not cover this area.

  Terry Brown 15:41 13 Mar 2010


On april 1, Virgin are increasing their prices as well.

look for a 3rd party supplier like One-Tel or First-Telecom for the best offers.

  Kevscar1 17:04 13 Mar 2010

suggest you read your contract carefully. Some companies have what is called a rolling contract, if you don't cancel at the end it,s carries on for another fixed period.

  Covergirl 12:27 18 Mar 2010

But it's not only line conditions & location that will determine your speed; surely if you're on a "G" router you won't get much more than 5mbps ?

So hopefully they'll be shipping out a bundle of new "N" routers to help their customers cope with the increased bandwidth. Hmmmmm . . .

Sunnystaines - 18 month contract, eh? Same as me. Trouble is, contracts are a bit one sided - they can do what they want when they want and if we don't like it we can leave ! It's a real shame we can't say "I signed up for this so keep me on the Ts & Cs I signed up for"

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