Talk Talk Broadband a joke!

  mazur1 17:28 29 May 2006

Quite simple, if you use the internet for anything other than surfing and email STAY AWAY.

  Stuartli 17:31 29 May 2006

Perhaps you might care to provide some reasonable explanation for this extraordinary outburst?

  ade.h 17:32 29 May 2006

Would you care to expand on that?

(I'm not questioning your opinion, but would genuinely like to know; my neighbour wants to use this service).

  mazur1 17:43 29 May 2006

We have two phone lines, one with Talk Talk 2Meg and one with Aol 2Meg, when i log into Talk Talk not one p2p program works untill 12 pm, Downloads are slow and it always disconnects and online games are unplayable. Maybe it's just Talk Talk's server under massive loads unable to cope where i live , however i have been googling and there are a lot of other people with similar problems. Don't have a problem with speeds on AOL by the way.

  Starfox 18:09 29 May 2006

Friend of mine who is into online games changed to this service a few days ago and boy does he regret it!

He can no longer play the games as he used to be able to on his B.T.Yahoo connection, he played Unreal Tournament 04 with our little group and now he cannot get the game to connect to the server.He is trying to find a way out of the contract but I don't think he is having much luck *worst thing I ever did* he claims and this after spending 2 weeks trying to convert us all to Talk Talk.

  mazur1 18:16 29 May 2006

I think we've all been fooled , wish id read this before i signed up click here

  zincy 18:18 29 May 2006

Have to say other than surf the internet, talk talk is not one for downloading on peak times... even during off peak my dad used to get 40kb anyways so consider yourself lucky i guess..

  bluto1 18:43 29 May 2006

Your "click here" says it all. First post by moderator is a bad language warning followed by oodles of talk talk.

  ade.h 18:56 29 May 2006

I think I will be persuading my neighbour to go with my original suggestion then!

  keewaa 19:48 29 May 2006

Reminds me of the dial up days with some companies when you couldn't get connected (always engaged)

  keewaa 19:51 29 May 2006

The broadband is "free" .... isn't this a good way for them to get out of any resposibility to guarantee any kind of good service .... ?

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