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  muddypaws 15:36 05 Nov 2010

Is there anyone on these forums who has Talk Talk broadband and telephone line rental and phone package?
We are moving home shortly and have discussed all options with BT and TT and TT's bundle for bundle is cheaper than BT.
Have been with Tiscali/TT broadband + BT phone line since 2003 and really haven't had any problems.
TT may not be the favourite amongst forum members and I am aware of all the publicity they have had re recent billing problems.
I am still searching other alternatives.
I'm lookimg for 40gig monthly usage and free anytime phone calls.
Any opinions/experiences/suggestions would be appreciated.

  961 15:53 05 Nov 2010

Depends where you are moving to

We live rural and have bt line rental, isp @ £7.99 per month, sky talk £5 per month free calls 24/7

Obviously we have sky tv

If you are going to a LLU exchange it might be different

  spuds 17:36 05 Nov 2010

Not sure if it still applies with Talk Talk, but Tiscali in their contract let you leave without penalty if you where moving. Other ISP's had different rules, and might charge for completion of contract.

I am with Talk Talk, previously Tiscali and Lineone before that. Thought on many occasions about changing to another ISP, but after consideration I regarded that "the devil you know, that the devil you don't" was the best bet.

BT are offering some new package deals, including first three month for free, then top whack. Another scheme is for the subscriber to pay the full 12 months line rental in advance, and this works out cheaper on the line rental. Personally I have seen some of the terms, and I think that at present you will not better Talk Talk for pricing.

  muddypaws 18:42 05 Nov 2010

Yes I am coming to that conclusion as well.
BT can't get any lower than £32 pm for what I want and TT have quoted about £23-24.
In fact that is lower than indicated on their web site. BT waives the £127 connection fee if I take a bundle as does TT if I do it on line.
Sky even charge an 0844 number to even enquire so ruled them out!
It's a new build bungalow and our house number isn't on the system yet. Next doors is ( also new) so no doubt that will cause problems. All 27 bungalows are on the same post code. I assume it is BT that notifies as they have installed the lines.

  cruiser2 19:07 05 Nov 2010

Have been with talktalk for over three years. I am now on a monthly rolling contract which gives me line rental, broadband and free calls to UK landlines as well as international calls. Would have to pay at least £5.00 more for the same service now as they have changed the contract terms.
Have had some problems but as someone has already said the devil you know is better than the devil you don't.

  muddypaws 19:54 05 Nov 2010

Have you had any interruptions to the landline at all?
Looking at BT and TT status pages, TT seem to have more problems.
Only moving about 3 miles north. From New Ash Green to Longfield. Unfortunately we go from an 01474...... exchange to an 0147470.... exchange so can't take the number with us.

  muddypaws 11:52 06 Nov 2010

Decided on TT.
Thanks for help.

  Covergirl 13:10 08 Nov 2010

. . . apart from their Customer Service (note the cunning use of an oxymoron there) which is based abroad and therefore not as efficient as a UK based service (although someone will prove me wrong. Shouldn't be difficult).

Their D-Link router has not been very reliable though - I've had two and they both dropped their connections to a crawl regularly - a power cycle cured it for a few hours. Since moved to my old Tiscali router which has provided a constant and reliable 3-4mbps.

Other than that, you won't get cheaper unless you can get the "Yorkshire" ISP Plusnet which I think works out 50p cheaper.

  carver 09:42 10 Nov 2010

Only problem with Talk Talk is their customer support, last year our telephone line went down for 5 days and the only way to get through to them was on a mobile phone, I spent over 5 hours trying to get through to them over 4 days, never did reach any one.

All my neighbors got through to their providers and had all calls diverted same day and received £20 for their trouble, Talk Talk offered me £5 and my mobile bill came to about £30.

We don't have them any more.

  carver 09:48 10 Nov 2010

Sky freephone 0800 0512597 or 0800 0512596

  cruiser2 19:34 10 Nov 2010

Never had any problems with the land line and phone calls.
Have had some problems with broadband. Have kept a separate file with details of phone calls and copies of letters.
Latest problem with broad band was when I came back off holiday in September. Router/modem was faulty. Have now bought my own, a NetgearDG834G v.5 TT said I may get one of these but it could take over a week to supply one. Got one the next day from a mail order company.

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