A Tale of 3

  HondaMan 08:38 06 Dec 2012

On 22nd September, I bought from my local 3 store a sim card for my iPad to enable me to receive mobile broadband. On installing this into my iPad I was unable to receive a signal. The position was still the same 5 days later so I returned the sim, with associated paper work and cancelled the contract, which was a 30 day contract on the basis that their service was unfit for purpose. In the meantime, I had checked their own coverage map which showed "out door coverage only" in my area. I had checked this by walking around my immediate area and still could get no signal.

3 however still are chasing me for the rental on a contract which I have covered. They have involved debt collectors and are threatening action by bailiffs.

My purpose in sharing this situation is not for advice, but to advise others of 3's disgraceful attitude and bullying tactics.

  rickf 10:07 06 Dec 2012

I pay for my son's mobile contract with 3 and I find their billing system quite daunting, difficult to work out.Often having to contact them to clarify the charges. However, I suspect all mobile providers are not that different from one another and their billing systems are designed to make it difficult to understand, much like the tariffs used by utility companies.

  spuds 10:48 06 Dec 2012

Surely if a company is conducting 'bullying' or threat tactics because of a service 'not fit for purpose', then they want reporting to the appropriate authorities for further investigation?.

Ignoring these people and perhaps their methods can bring further unwanted problems, if not addressed promptly, not just for yourself but others as well.

  HondaMan 11:00 06 Dec 2012


I agree entirely. They have already been made aware of the Protection from Harassment Act and others and as a former legal officer, specialising in debt collection in a local authority for a local authority I am well aware of how far they can or cannot go, I am just curious to see.

Believe me, all correspondence is being very carefully kept and I have told them that if they a stupid enough to take proceedings for £18 (ish) they will be laughed out of court.

  spuds 12:09 06 Dec 2012


You are a person of my own heart and thinking, give no quarters, no matter how big they think they are, or their threats might be :O)

But I wonder how many people would have, or have paid up in similar circumstances, due to being scared or thoughts of 'black-listing'?.

  HondaMan 20:45 06 Dec 2012

Probably a h%#ll of a lot

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