Take a break with Orange!!

  geezer13 23:51 13 Mar 2003

My mobile phone is due for renewal so after considering the Orange upgrade, which would have cost me £90, for the phone I want, I decided to cancel the contract and get a new number and phone for free.

Anyway, when I phoned Orange and explained the situation the person on the end of the phone said:- "I'll just check over your details, do you mind holding", I agreed and the person put me on hold.

But i could still hear everything she was saying unknown to her. She had started chatting to her freind nearby and was explaining that if she wanted a break, she simply answered a call and put the person on hold for 5 minuets whilst she pretended to be looking into a problem. It soon transpired that this was standard practice as her friend said "yeah, we all do that".

I started laughing and she must have heard me on her headset and she was pretty embaressed and realised that she had been caught!!

I wonder how many other staff do that!!

  Goldcroft 09:49 14 Mar 2003

Might be worth sending that to one of the national papers.

  how r u?™ 16:38 14 Mar 2003

Hmmm... Call orange again and ask for the manager and tell him :-) U might get an evn bigger laugh if he does it to.

  oresome 16:55 14 Mar 2003

Have heard similar tales before, where operators are measured for time active on phone against time taken up with follow on activities. Operators keep you on hold to get their percentages 'right' thus keeping the call centre manager off their back.

I understand that in India, university graduates are employed as call centre operators. Wonder what scams they'll think of to beat the system?

  he he :-)™ 19:24 15 Mar 2003

It's nice to respond

  geezer13 19:48 15 Mar 2003

Why do you need me to respond?

  he he :-)™ 20:08 15 Mar 2003

to say hello so we know u havent wanished off the face of the earth. Oh yeah get my name right next time.

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