tablet over the top charging

  lenocarps 13:53 20 Jan 2012

I have just bought a 7" tablet which was delivered to my local pub by the posty, as he phoned me first (what a good service).As we were going to be in there several hours i asked the landlady if she would charge it up for me at the end of the bar.The price for this service was one pound and i promptly paid. my question is how much do these things on average cost to charge or was it "over the top"

  canarieslover 14:27 20 Jan 2012

You were probably paying more than the cost of the electricity but as she was providing a service I would consider it to be O.K. Hope you tipped the postman as well.

  lenocarps 14:34 20 Jan 2012

Oh yes every xmas. But how much does it actually cost to charge one?

  interzone55 15:09 20 Jan 2012

Without knowing the exact model you have this is just a guess.

The Charger / PSU will probably be USB, so it'll be outputting 5v DC @ 300ma. If plugged in for one hour you will have used 1.5Watt/hour.

Leccy costs about 14p per kW/hour, so you would have been using about 0.02p of electricity per hour...

  interzone55 15:10 20 Jan 2012

That's 1/50 of a penny per hour, not 2p per hour

  lenocarps 15:57 20 Jan 2012

Ah good thanks for that.When i go in to see Joanna later (landlady in my local) i will pull her on that for excessive pricing by my calculation 5000%. Now if someone buys a pint for £1.50 and then sells it to me for £3.00 fair do,s. But thats a joke. I willing to bet even people on the black market do not make that sort of profit.Even worse i spend quite a bit of money in there every week.

  alB 17:15 20 Jan 2012

lenocarps, you might be looking for a new local before closing time :-) ...alB

  rickf 11:04 21 Jan 2012

Charging you a pound for the service is generous, she went out of her way to do you a favour. It's a bit over the top to be complaining aboiut this.

  canarieslover 11:05 21 Jan 2012

Just look on it as a 99.98p service charge.

  ton 15:19 22 Jan 2012

Two people that squeak by the sound of it. Her for charging for it and him for complaining at the price.

  BRYNIT 23:23 22 Jan 2012

£1 is a reasonable price.

You asked for a price, she gave a price, you accepted the price. She could have said no.

Consider how long it would have taken you to get home charge it up and then go back to the pub if you travelled by car how much it would cost in fuel.

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