Tablet and movie downloads

  climbingcog 21:40 16 Oct 2014

I have a tech query and as I read/value your articles a lot on TechRadar thought I'd get in contact.

It's about digital movies. I currently watch most films via iTunes on my laptop. We also have an Amazon Prime subscription. My wife has an iPhone and I have an Android phone. We have a number of films so have them stored on an external hard drive.

I am thinking of getting a tablet and would prefer to watch films on it, rather than having to fire up the laptop all the time.

But this is where I get confused. Going forward, which movie provider should I go with and which tablet operating system? I have found a few articles on your website but nothing that really answers my questions as they primarily address the issue of streaming, which isn't my main concern. I am not overly precious about Apple/Android/etc for the tablet - most anything will work for what I want to do with it. But I need some help finding the right mix of movie provider and operating system. I am looking for a setup where I can download films and store them onto an external hard drive (I have a Seagate Wireless Plus) then be able to play them again in the future onto a tablet/laptop/tv. I'd like to be able to do this in case I was travelling somewhere and didn't have internet access (so then could access all the films I had bought/downloaded). But also because I am aware that tablets have limited storage and so it seems to make sense to store films on an external hard drive rather than just relying to streaming from Amazon Prime, Google Play/YouTube.

Am I making any sense? I realise that this could mean moving from iTunes and thus only accessing my current iTunes movies from a laptop in future - but I'm willing to do that if I can get a setup which includes films to be downloaded and playback onto a tablet.

Can you direct me to anything that your site has on this or see if someone can give some time to answer it?

  lotvic 00:02 17 Oct 2014

I am not expert at this but can give you a starter to search for what you want on pcadvisor site - at the top right of this page is a search box, click in the box and type tablet play movies and then press Enter on your keyboard (or click on the blue button next to the search box).

You can play movies on any device, it is the file type of the movie that you need to look at, and then download the appropriate Player program to your device/tablet that can play them for you to watch. I have a Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 and have several players on it (all free). It doesn't have a usb port but I have an adapter that I plug in for usb so I can use my flash drive or external harddrive.

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