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Tablet Gift Dilemna

  Joseph Kerr 11:20 29 Oct 2012

I have got myself out of my depth. My sister thought my father was thinking about a tablet for my mother for Xmas or her birthday which is a couple of weeks off. He is not, but muggins here suggested we consider getting one from the three of us. So, my father, who is even less techy than yours truly, decided I should make a comparison with tangible, objective tech specs for him to look at, assuming money is no object.

Thing is, I've started making a comparison chart, and I don't think it'll help him much. Also, whilst I agree with his instinct that you should be able to just look at a spec sheet, many don't buy that way (if they did, that Samaung with a rear camera and expandable memory would outsell the Nexus - even I went for the latter).

So far I have listed: Kindle Fire HD (they have an old Kindle); iPad, iPad Mini, Nexus 7 (I won't forget the new ones to be announced); Asus Transformer and the Samsung Galaxy 2.

To try and speed things up, I'm listing the best specs only, as I can explain the rest verbally, and find any other information needed later.

Not sure what I'm asking really, just any thoughts to see if I can develop a bit more clarity.

  kad60 22:14 29 Oct 2012

What is your opinion on the Samsung Note 10"1 Android 4 ?/ just tried one even though the specs appear to be minimal it is a very good product.

  Forum Editor 23:22 29 Oct 2012

[email protected]

"I object to the control that Apple exerts over its products which allows for very little competition"

And yet you say you are considering the Microsoft Surface, which is designed to do exactly the same thing.

Apple isn't unique in its attempt to hold onto a userbase, although actually its products meet with plenty of competition, as the current tablet market illustrates only too well. The thing is, at the moment there's nothing to touch the iPad, which is why it sells in such huge numbers, despite the price point and the competition. There's nothing wrong in being tied to the best device in its class as far as I'm concerned.

  Joseph Kerr 12:52 30 Oct 2012

Glad there's oinfo out there on the Nexus after the launch event was put off due to the hurricane. But that site doesn't seem to tell me about connections and hard, tangible feature-facts...I must admit I haven't looked exhaustively...

  rickf 16:43 30 Oct 2012

Re KIndle, has anyone seen Watchdog last week. It seems there is an inherent problem. The screen freezes and it appears it dies just before the year is out. Not scaremongering or doing Kindle down but just reporting what I had seen.

  Forum Editor 16:52 30 Oct 2012

"But that site doesn't seem to tell me about connections and hard, tangible feature-facts"

Have you seen This?

  iscanut 17:28 30 Oct 2012


I have had a Kindle since the start and had no problems at all. Watchdog said " hundreds" had problems. I am sure Amazon has sold 10's of thousands so it needs to be put into perspective !!! Hardly an inherent problem.

  Joseph Kerr 17:33 30 Oct 2012

Thanks FE, but I meant the link to the Surface.

  Joseph Kerr 17:53 30 Oct 2012

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