Tablet advice (Samsung vs Apple?)

  cazzalupe 21:37 01 Nov 2015

I want to get my boyfriend a tablet for a present asap. I don't know much about Samsung. All my devices are Apple.

He's got a Series 7 Chronos laptop and a Note 2 phone. Being a Mac person I was thinking that I would get him an iPad. But, would a Samsung tablet be a better bet given his current devices? If so, which one?

I know one of the main things he wants his tablet for is for music storage. And we're talking roughly a 1,000 song music library. This seems to be his main objective.

Can someone please advise me on this? Would getting him an iPad just cause more problems than sticking with a Samsung tablet in order to work with his existing devices?

I'd be so grateful for some advice on this. Especially as it's something I have to do rather soon.

Thanks in advance for any help!

  morddwyd 11:09 02 Nov 2015

Very awkward, as it's very personal thing.

I have tried then both but sent the iPad back and stuck with Samsung, but I know the FE would find quality of life reduced without his iPad!

Obviously a Samsung tablet would be more compatible with His Note than Apple.

The other important aspect is music storage. You must make sure that whatever you get will take a high capacity SD card. I know most Samsung tablets will (I have 3, plus 2 notes!) but I don't know about the iPad.

I have no doubt someone with hands on experience will help you out.

Also on music, the Galaxy Pro 12.2 has the best speakers I have ever heard in a hand held device, at least as good as a table top radio.

  cazzalupe 14:00 02 Nov 2015

Thank you! :-)

  iscanut 15:22 02 Nov 2015

I don't think the I Pad will take an SD card. For the music stored on an I Pad you will have to make sure you get one with the largest memory you can afford. To sync the I pad with the laptop, he will need to install and use I Tunes to do this.

  cazzalupe 17:50 03 Nov 2015

Thanks again. You're right, iPad's don't take SD cards. That's another reason I'm leaning towards a Samsung.

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