Is "Tab Napping" The New Security Threat?

  Big L 266 19:50 09 Jun 2010


When I logged on to TalkTalk tonight, there was an interesting article about something I've not heard of called "Tab Napping".

click here

I have taken the liberty to post the link from Yahoo which is self-explanatory. I was wondering if any of you reading this had heard of "tab napping"? It seems quite scary as I do online banking and shopping quite a lot.What do you think about this?

Mr.Forum Editor....Would this be worthy of investigation by PC Advisor and an article for a future edition and/or an email to subscribers?

Thank you.

Big L 266

  sunnystaines 20:28 09 Jun 2010


  [email protected] 00:17 10 Jun 2010

How do the criminals actually change the page that is loaded in an inactive tab in the first place? Surely they would need malicious software to be already installed on your computer, or at least for you to be on some other infected site to begin with?

  morddwyd 07:15 10 Jun 2010

"fraudsters can actually detect when a tab has been left inactive for a while"


  MAT ALAN 09:44 10 Jun 2010

Any in activity in you online banking page normally results in the page timing out...

  MAT ALAN 10:23 10 Jun 2010

Would you use tabbed browsing with online banking, I think not!!!

  AL47 19:24 10 Jun 2010

I use tabbed browsing all the time with internet banking

  [email protected] 00:05 11 Jun 2010


  KremmenUK 07:11 11 Jun 2010

Whether this is true or not it makes sense to conduct your online banking in a single tab and not wander off........

  Big L 266 08:02 11 Jun 2010


I wondered how it was done as I only do internet banking. Now I automatically 'flush' my 'InPrivate' and delete all my browsing history immediately after so no trace of my actions exist.

The very thought someone in cyberland could do this filled me with dread.I do try and take the very best of security precautions when I'm doing this.

Big L 266

  MAT ALAN 08:28 11 Jun 2010

I do not see a threat, there is no need to use tabbed browsing in online banking and if you leave it for a while it will time out anyway.
The likelyhood of you being at risk as a home user i would say is small.

The resolve to this threat is very simple "avoid tabbed browsing"...

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