T-Mobile Phone Scam - now there is a way..

  gsmscam 13:23 02 Aug 2007

HI all
Mobile phone companies can be awkward and really slow when dealing with issues relating to consumer details used without permission. I have drafted a letter which i too have used as being a victim of a scam involving t-mobile feel free to use, i hope it helps. Before i begin i guess your wondering what the scam is..well its a call centre offering you a free mobile and no bills, then they take your details and just take out a contract without your signature..very scary, heres the letter, its an interesting read..enjoy:
Hatfield Business Park

Re: T-Mobile Account: ************
Dear Sirs

I am writing to inform you that I have NEVER taken out this T-mobile contract. Several months ago somebody from a mobile call centre from London called me and offered me a deal, whereby I receive a £200.00 mobile phone absolutely free and no bills. They mentioned something about a marketing company who will take the sims and pay. I received your letter something about a sim box, I didn’t know what this is until I looked it up on the internet and your letter said that this is in breach of your agreement. I would not know this or anything because the agreement for me to sign was never sent as the guy on the phone said he would send. I was told to give details over the phone whilst on, so they could run a credit check, they took my passport number/driving licence number and asked which utility bill is in my name as well as name, address, D.O.B etc. They told me to fax them to an 0845 number I cannot remember it all. Once after they had all information they told me that they will be in touch and tell me if I pass the credit check. I never heard from them, nor did I receive any mobile and soon after I started getting your bills. I called on a couple of occasions to customer service to tell them this, but I am still getting these bills.

I contacted citizens advise and they informed me to write to your head-office and also send a copy letter to off-com and one to debt recovery if it has gone that far.

This is not fair, as I have done nothing wrong and your company is sending me all these bills. If this doesn’t stop it will affect my credit rating which is very good right now. Please correct all, delete my account as I have never taken, agreed or signed any agreement to this effect.

I would very much appreciate it if you could write back confirming the closure of this account, so that I can get on with my life without any of this kind of stress.
I am enclosing a letter which I was going to send to off-com. I have a pay as you go t- mobile phone so I don’t want to complain about a company who I am happy using it does not make sense, i can see that this is a third part companies fault, however if this matter is not laid to rest and you cannot confirm this I will have no alternative but to inform them. Please inform the debt recovery of this situation I will also fax this letter to them.

Thank you for reading my letter

Yours sincerely

Mr ****************

Well guys there you are... i hope it helps im waiting for an answer from T-Mobile, before i send an official complaint to offcom. Im sure i cant be the only one who has suffered on this.. good luck.


  Clapton is God 13:50 02 Aug 2007

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