Systemax Inspire 3152 - Be Careful

  GraemeD 09:50 12 Jul 2003

Last Week I ordered a Systemax Inspire 3152. Its PCAdvisors Best Budget Buy & just received a Computer Active 'Buy it' !

Systemax sell their computers via Global Direct, Misco & Simply. I ordered mine from Simply. I received an Order Acknowledgement which said that the item was on 'Back Order' but that the delivery was'Next Day'.

When I asked for an estimated Delivery Date they just resent the Order Acknowledgement.

Out of curiousity, I checked the sites of Global Direct & Misco,neither company has the computer in stock !

So, if you do decide to order what appears to be a very good value computer, just don't expect a speedy delivery !

  GraemeD 20:39 22 Jul 2003

I checked on Simply's site on Saturday & the Inspire 3152 was 'In Stock' !
I sent an E-Mail to them asking for a despatch date for my order ! I have received no reply & the Inspire 3152 is now 'Out of Stock'.
Hopefully, I will be able to ring them tomorrow ! but surely they should keep their customers informed ?

  GraemeD 09:12 23 Jul 2003

I've just rang Simplys Customer Helpline !
The reason for the delay in delivery of my system, (according to them) is incompatiblity between the CPU & Motherboard !!
I asked how the system had been reviewed, but they didn't know.
They have promised to ring me back !

  GraemeD 00:02 24 Jul 2003

Simply have not rung me back !

I'm going to start a new thread on this one......
How come PCAdvisor & Computeractive have both reviewed this computer and given it top marks if the computer does not work ??????????

  colcol 10:20 09 Sep 2003

I ordered a systemax inspire 3157 from on 29 august 2003. this desktop is editor's choice in the october 03 edition of personal computer world.

like the above, my order acknowledgement from simply says "back order" and "next day delivery".

I have rung them 4 times and they say they have no stock of the processor. they also said yesterday that the monitor is out of stock.

it has been suggested by two simply "agents" that I could cancel my order.

the "agent" who took my order said that simply makes no money on these sales since they set the price to win the computer magazine competitions, in this case best desktop at £999 plus vat.

I am now waiting for a call from the "agent" who sold me the desktop who apparently is going to suggest a component change, at extra cost, so that the system can be built. I am not holding my breath since every time I call simply the call ends with a promise that he will ring me back later that day. he never does in my experience.

  colcol 12:46 09 Sep 2003

further to above, the processor which simply say is out of stock (and they cannot say when any will be available) is the AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 2.17 GHz. does anyone know if there is a shortage of these processors?

  colcol 12:47 09 Sep 2003

further to above, the processor which simply say is out of stock (and they cannot say when any will be available) is the AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 2.17 GHz. does anyone know if there is a shortage of these processors?

  -pops- 13:26 09 Sep 2003

dabs have them in stock as do Scan and Insight (although only a few).

  WRC 17:26 09 Sep 2003

Is it just little old me, or is this just a case of Systemax not wanting to sell the system and just get some free advertising and an award to make their adverts look good.

Shouldn’t PC Advisor get on the case and find out why Systemax are not selling these systems and maybe even take the award off them.

The case about the processors being out of stock does not seem true as they are freely available from other manufacturers, and now the story of the incompatibility between the processor and motherboard makes me think that they are just looking at getting out of the sale.

To me this stinks of a company sending in a “loss leader” for the review and not following up on their obligations of selling it as required when you submit a review in PC Advisor and Computer Active.

  colcol 18:51 09 Sep 2003

a couple of further points about systemax and winning the competition in personal computer world (oct 03)for desktops at £999 plus vat.

included in the magazine's summary of the systemax inspire 3157 are free delivery and 3 years on site warranty. when I ordered I was charged £20 delivery. I see from the systemax site that the warranty on this desktop, systemax inspire 3157 is 3 years return to base. I am unsure which warranty I will get since 11 days after ordering the system I don't even have a despatch date.

yesterday I was told that the "agent" who sold me the system on 29 August 03 would ring me today. he didn't.

  colcol 10:51 15 Sep 2003

The agent who sold me the system rang 2 days later and said that all components to make the system were now available and the system would be built by 15 sep (today) and the monitors would be in stock today. I would therefore receive the complete order tomorrow.

I rang today and was told that the system is nowhere near ready and I wont get it tomorrow.

simply advertise delivery in 7 - 10 working days. we are now over that and I wonder when is it time to go to my legal services which is bundled with my house insurance?

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