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  superking112 09:00 12 May 2010

hi guys,
first time poster long time pc advisor reader.

im upgrading my system for the first time since 2005, after reading pc advisors issue 180 (and will read next issue 181) i have a genearl idea of what to get.

please tell me if any is irrelevent or not neccesseray or worse than what i should get, im lookig for crossfire iv motherboard, phenom ii x6 black, gtx480 card, 4gb (to start off with) ddr3 corsair dominator gt 2000mhz ram (motherboard supports up to 16gb ram with 4 slots but how is it possible to achieve that? 4*4 gb ram? i cant find a 1stick 4gb anywhere?, also 2tb hdd (does it matter what brand, im thinking 7200 speed and a sata iii (does sata iii matter?) and what does and does it matter what eco green means?) i bought a corsair psu 1000watt for £150. eventually i want to get a new monitor and a dvd/bluray reader writer drive (does that matter what brand?) and im not sure if my soundcard would be compatible.

another thing is i want to pay an organisation to sort evertyhing out, the bios etc.. and someone i can blame if anything goes tits up. was thinking pc world but they seem pretty incompitant, theres an independent pc store near my area they seem alright but if anything goes wrong i cant afford to pay the damages and i dont really trust them, does anyone know a reliable source? i wouldnt mind doin it myself, ive never done it before so im worried if i ruin anything? my systems an xp home edition, if they format and install all bios etc under my xp system (1/1.5/2tb hdd not sure which one yet, i currently have a 500gb one which is almost full with games and music films etc, im thinkin a large one then i can use half or quater of it as back-up/restore? my current system jus turns on and shuts down after a second, i dont know why, is the hdd corrupt? should i take it to pc world see what they think or any independent company?) and i want to upgrade to windows 7 would i lose all the configurations?

also does anyone know anyplace where i can get those componets for "cheap" and where i can sell mine from (aside from the obvious ebay)?
im worried if i buy the good stuff now, in a few weeks something better will come out or it would be avaliable for cheaper, should i just ignore this and get on with it?

i want this pc to last about 4+years with overclocking to push it an extra year or so.

sorry for the essay and to sound like a complete rookie but after the years ive been completely thrown out of the computing world..

best regards,


  HondaMan 10:03 12 May 2010

I would suggest that you forget the upgrade and buy a new system. It may well be cheaper in the long run.

For price comparisons, try, and and see what a computer of your specs would cost

  citadel 10:56 12 May 2010

you can build your own its easy these days, start with a asus crosshair 1v formula, forget about the 480 card as its only a touch faster than hd5870 and is more expensive and runs hotter. 1600 speed ram, samsung f3 hard drive, beware green eco hard drives as they are best for media centres. that asus board will overclock auto with the software that comes with it.

  chub_tor 11:55 12 May 2010

Everybody remembers their first time, the sweating palms, racing heartbeat, the anxiety and finally the euphoria when it all works correctly -and that's what building PC's is all about. You will learn so much if you buy the parts and do it yourself but don't look for the cheapest suppliers choose those who will give you good service if something does go wrong. The last thing you need in a build is to suspect a mainboard or CPU failure and then have to wait and argue with the supplier as to who is at fault. You are looking at a good spec. that will last for some time, choose the manufacturers and the suppliers wisely, take your time putting it together and you will be richly rewarded, you may even become one of the gurus on this site advising others how you did it and how they should fix their problems. I don't agree with HondaMan although I understand his point about it being cheaper, it is much more satisfying to be able to say to people "Just look at this beast, I built that."

  MAT ALAN 14:50 12 May 2010

with overclocking to push it an extra year or so.

Overclocking reduces the life of components, there is no need to overclock if you keep your system optomised it will stand the test of time...

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