A system for sub 400 pounds please

  Bailey08787 13:56 27 Mar 2005


Could I get some suggestions for a system that's less than 400 pounds please. It's for my mum, so no need for it to be top of the range.

Looking for a package with a 17" TFT, 20-40gb hard drive, around 512mb memory, reasonably speedy processor (say P4 2ghz) - average graphics card/sound card - and thats about it.

Anyone recommend any bargains?

  pj123 14:05 27 Mar 2005
  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:08 27 Mar 2005

You will be lucky to get a sub £400 system with sound card, graphics card AND a 17"TFT. Novatech have this for £291 (inc. OS) and around £150 should get you a 17"TFT. click here


  pj123 14:08 27 Mar 2005

Sorry, mate. Forget that, no monitor.

  pj123 14:19 27 Mar 2005

Comet have got this one:

click here

But only a 17" CRT monitor. But it has an 80gb hard drive, DVD Rewriter, TV tuner, Win XP and Works 8.0

  Starfox 14:25 27 Mar 2005

Try these click here

  bremner 14:49 27 Mar 2005

Computer click here + Monitor click here + extra memory click here

£426.00 delivered

  bremner 14:54 27 Mar 2005

Dell click here

  Stuartli 16:52 27 Mar 2005

You beat me to the e-buyer link but, sadly, the even better version with a 2.8MHz Seperon and 80GB HDD at £270 including VAT disappeared about 10 days ago.

I've seen 15in TFTs at £99.99 including VAT, but from the somewhat still unknown Hanon brand.

  spuds 17:42 27 Mar 2005

Dell Dimension 3000 on special offer, complete and delivered,software installed, ready to work out the box for £279.00 www1.euro.dell.com

Only problem, slightly less specification to your wants:40gb harddrive,256mb memory,17"crt monitor. Still a bargain.

  Stuartli 13:18 28 Mar 2005

The Hanton £99.99 15in TFT is currently available from dabs.com; viewing wise basically a 15in is the same as a 17in CRT monitor.

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