System restore software

  VNAM75 19:54 04 Mar 2010

What free system restore software restores only your computer settings/registry etc and keeps your current hard drive contents and installed programs? I use commodo dragon which works well but I have to back up my recent files and put them back in the relevant folders after restoring because it only restores the original contents of the hard drive. Or is there a setting in Commodo gragon where I can do this? I have tried XP system retsore before but it has never worked.

  GaT7 20:40 04 Mar 2010

I think you're looking for something that can do incremental backups. If yes, then the general consensus is that it's not a safe way of backing-up / restoring data - see click here (David4637's comment) & click here (JYPX's comment).

So stick with Commodo Dragon, or try the free Macrium Reflect click here. And get into the habit of making backups as often as you can. G

  VNAM75 22:40 04 Mar 2010

OK, thanks Crossbow.

I was going to say "you could always try the system restore feature in windows ;) " but clearly you've been there, done that and couldn't get enough of what you wanted to get the t-shirt.

I agree with crossbow though. Backing up your data fully every-so-often and doing it manually is by far the most fail safe way to do it provided you know what you're doing and do it right.

The more expensive way is RAID_1 but that only protects against hardware failure. If you want the ... can I say "Idiot proof" ? ...way of doing it then use something like Dragon or Reflect. If you've got an external hard drive then you can get a program like Norton Ghost to back your computer up to that automatically or the easiest program I found was a program called "Retrospect" click here my 70-year-old dad who is about as computer litterate as a brick has used that program for years and it's dug him out of the nasty a few times. It's an incrimental backup program BUT it appears to be a good one

  VNAM75 02:28 05 Mar 2010

Thanks blissquirrel.

"So stick with Commodo Dragon" - its actually Commodo time machine, but dragon just came naturally to me!

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