Symantec/Norton - a tale of woe.

  Alexander P 18:50 11 Mar 2004

I've had Norton anti-virus on my laptop for the last couple of years and very good it is too. But its subscription feature, by which it downloads updates, has come to an end suddenly with 3 months of my subscription left. This is clearly a problem for Symantec because part of their web site is devoted to solving subscription problems. But they can't solve mine. My problem is that the 2002 version is no longer supported by Symantec/Norton, so I can't download it again to reinstall and thus resolve my subscription problem. Cheekily, they have suggested I upgrade to NAV 2004, although I may get an extra 3 months added on to the 1 year subscription. Frankly, this isn't on. I might not want to buy their upgraded 2004 software. Even worse, their web site is cunningly designed to make it almost impossible to email a real person for customer support. My emails just seem to generate automated responses telling me they can't deal in person with my subscription problem. This isn't on either. So, what's the nest way to contact a eal person at Symantec/Norton? And no, I DON'T want to make long transatlantic phone calls (which they invite me to do). Frankly, it's a bit bloody rich to have your downloaded software pack up after 9 months of its 1-year life span.

  anchor 19:03 11 Mar 2004

About 20 months ago, I saw this UK phone number for the Norton subscription up-date line. Perhaps you can get a real person to speak to.

020 761 65600

I don`t know if its still current though; not used it.

  anchor 19:12 11 Mar 2004

If you get no satisfaction from Norton, you might consider updating to Norton Antivirus 2003 for £15.00 (+£2.50 p/p) from here:

click here

includes 1 year updates.

I have dealt with this supplier in the past without problem, (he lives near me).

  sicknote 19:17 11 Mar 2004

I have this freephone number for symantec 0800 3316014

  961 10:13 12 Mar 2004

May I recommend AVG virus checker?
Free download, plus free updates
Works well

  anniel 13:17 12 Mar 2004

I upgraded my Norton to 2003 last year and a mistake occurred and I ended up having to get rid of it completely. It was a right mess.

I persevered and finally got my money refunded. I would NEVER use Norton again.

Avast is a free and very reliable programme.

  MichelleC 13:59 12 Mar 2004

I agree with the other posts. I gave up on Norton's non-working Liveupdate etc, spending/wasting so much time troubleshooting. I now use AVG and no problems at all.

  hoverman 15:02 12 Mar 2004

Why do some have problems with a product while others don't? I have been using Norton for years and have never had a problem. Liveupdate has worked every time I ran it.

Why not do what I did and buy a genuine copy of Norton Systemworks which incudes anti-virus and loads of other very useful progs. for under £10.00,so in that way you would get another 12 months of updates for less than resubscribing for another 12 months of updates.

I meant to say that I bought it on ebay.

  Kong 16:41 12 Mar 2004

My wife bought Norton AV for her Win 98 PC via the internet. But was unable to download the entire program. She has written repeated emails and tried phoning them without success. Now it's in the hands of the credit card company for them to pursue our refund.
She has since downloaded AVG without any problems. Will never use Norton again either.

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