Symantec Anti-spyware BETA Available for D'load...

  GibsonSt19 11:57 20 Apr 2005

click here to get it.

"This edition includes powerful new Norton™ Spyware Protection (available for Windows® 2000 and Windows XP only), which automatically detects and removes both spyware and adware. Norton Spyware Protection even helps you identify adware that’s needed to run programs you want."

Not tried it yet though, let me kow what you think.

I reckon MS Antispy should cover this.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 13:23 20 Apr 2005

Sounds like you want us to try it before you use it!!
Can't say I blame you though - I wouldn't have Norton software on my pc if you paid me.

  rev.bem 16:34 20 Apr 2005

It's a compete download of Norton internet security 2005 beta(anti virus anti spam etc)
At 34mb it's a large download and it will take even longer to get rid of it if you want to uninstall it.

  GibsonSt19 16:56 20 Apr 2005

There's gratitude for ya.

  sunny staines 17:34 20 Apr 2005

read the other threat
click here

  Arthur Scrimshaw 17:49 20 Apr 2005

thats if it LETS you uninstall it of course ;-)

  Arthur Scrimshaw 17:57 20 Apr 2005

Sorry - didn't mean to sound ungrateful - it's just some of us are not the greatest Norton fans.

  Bleep 21:12 20 Apr 2005

Norton Rocks and Roll on Symantec not being taken over by Microsoft.

5 years - no viruses, no problems and simply install over copy before unistalling and clean my registry before unistalling, great product all round.

  maz2 22:20 22 Apr 2005

A friend downloaded Symantec from the web and what a job we had to get rid of it never again

  Primary 23:19 22 Apr 2005

Once had Norton System Works installed on my PC as recently as 2 months ago. Once I uninstalled it it was the start of a nightmare! Have you ever tried to uninstall a Symantec product? I am convinced that it became self perpetuating and parasitical. Had to go into the registry and delete all keys/strings related to Norton which took me ages. Even then Symantec live update refused to go easily....But eventually...Poooof,, it went. Never will I install a Symantec product again.


  sdf 13:41 24 Apr 2005

I have read lots of Norton Bashing in this and linked threads and to be honest a little confused. I use Norton internet security, AV, and system works. in the time I have been using them I have had not had a single problem with viruses, corruptions (at least those that Norton could do anything about)or anything. for a period I did move away from norton due purely to expense, in this time I tried a viriety of other programs all of which did not serve the purpose for which they were bought. So now im back using Norton and things are once again clean as a whistle. The problems with substitute programs were not caused my remnant norton bits and pieces as it was a fresh windows image they were installed upon. soo... why does everyone dislike norton? it does, in my experience, exactly what it says on the tin? what more does one want?

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