Switching power companies and getting best advice?

  spuds 17:10 21 Mar 2014

Not a computer related question, unless using electricity brings it into that domain. So apologies, if I am wrong.

I have a 'fixed price' dual fuel contract with one of the major service provider's, and that contract is due for renewal shortly. I have had this contract renewed previously, but at the same time challenged the company for a possible better deal, which as led to some unanswered responses and further doubts.

The question I would like to put to our fellow member's: Have you used a switching agent or comparison website that's proved reliable and honest in getting the information you required, and received a better and easy to understand deal?.

  wiz-king 17:55 21 Mar 2014

"reliable and honest " not word that I normally associate with the energy providers. Set up a spreadsheet and DIY.

  Zak 18:21 21 Mar 2014

This is a good place to start:

Martin Lewis Cheap Energy Club

On that site there are also bits of advice etc.

I would also suggest you try as many as possible of the comparison sites and get up to speed with the offers around.

Another avenue is to look at, if you live in London are:

Pre-registration for the 10 June 2014 auction is open now, with full registration from 1 April...

  Zak 18:26 21 Mar 2014


That's what I have done a while back and I recall I also received a payment of £15 from the comparison site I used. Now I regularly check what is on offer and so far my best deal has been from EON Age UK fixed for over 60's. Beauty is there are no exit fees.

  cruiser2 18:56 21 Mar 2014

I changed from SSE to Co-op Energy two years ago. I had difficulty understanding SSE bills, useless information when phoning for answers. After starting the change over I had several phone calls and I said I would report them for harrassment if I got anther one. Send meter readings every month. easy to read account, and UK customer service. Refused meter reader entry as he did not have the password. Co-op does get a good write up in Which survey

  wiz-king 19:54 21 Mar 2014

"reliable and honest " not word that I normally associate with the energy providers. Set up a spreadsheet and DIY.

  The Kestrel 08:30 22 Mar 2014

I am in the process of switching energy supplier from my current provider, Scottish Power. After much research and referral to comparison sites, I have decided to switch to Ovo Energy, one of the smaller suppliers.

So far they have been very good at updating me with the progress of my switch, which is due to take place early next month. There reviews are generally very good including one from Which.

click here

  spuds 09:48 22 Mar 2014

Since going the route the government suggested about using comparison websites, I still find the whole affair not as straight forward as one would be led to believe.

The provider of my present service, while telling me they are "there to help", seems to not have the inclination to actually do that. Surely asking for their best deal, based on my own requirements, should be a simple task, but apparently it doesn't seem so. Their annoying response is one of "check our website for the best deal for you", yet the so called adviser's cannot do this for me on the information they already hold.

Going to some comparison websites in itself, is a minefield, if you don't understand them. As we all know perhaps, these comparison websites are all based on commission. Even AgedUK seems to only use one provider, and draws a commission from that provider for any referrals, which I would have thought, was not always in the very best interest for the Aged client.

The thing that annoys me the most, is not that you have to pay for essential items like gas, electricity and even water. but it as become a commodity of confusion and perhaps false believes. The government and the regulator's knew this, yet appear to be toothless, and the question need to be ask Why?.

I will tick this now, and go back to further head scratching, in the hope of eventually working out the mystery laid before me!.

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