Switching mobile networks

  he he :-) 23:08 02 Mar 2003

I know it's nowt to do with computers but does any1 know how much it is to switch from vodafone to a different mobile network by just switching the sim in the handset?

  Ellie3009 23:25 02 Mar 2003

It all depends whether you are on contract or Pay As You Go!

If you're on a contract you will have to pay off what remains of it before you can change.

If you are looking to change to a contract, its normally more sensible to get a new handset, since they are almost always free and then you get the years warranty.

If you are PAYG or your contract has ended, you can just get a new PAYG sim, normally either off the network providers website labelled "sim pack" or something similar, or from newsagents / phone shops / ebay etc. Cost about £5 - 15 depending on network and where you buy.

Also, depending on what network you are changing to, you may need to get your handset unlocked. This can be done at phoneshops, although normally the smaller independant ones not the chains, and the cost will be £10 - 15.

  he he :-) 23:29 02 Mar 2003

I am on pay as you go and want to switch to virgin mobile

  Ellie3009 23:29 02 Mar 2003

P.S. You can also ask vodafone if they will unlock your handset for you, but they will probably charge you, and I don't know how much.

  he he :-) 23:30 02 Mar 2003

sos forgot to say

  he he :-) 23:31 02 Mar 2003

Thats what i'm asking

  Djohn 23:40 02 Mar 2003

he he :-), go to virgin website, and there you will find information on a code to type into your handset, this will display a number.

You then type in this number to the little box that is displayed on screen,and within a couple of seconds, you are informed if your handset is compatible with Virgin PAYG, simple as that, and you can order the Sim card from site, £15 or £20 which also includes some free air-time. J.

  Ellie3009 23:41 02 Mar 2003

I think you can buy virgin mobile sim packs in virgin megastore and V-shops.
I think (altbough from bad memory) that they are about £20, but include some talktime in that price.

Carphone warehouse may also sell them, but I'm not sure, or you might get one cheaper online from ebay or qxl.

As for unlocking, I think voda pre-pay phones normally do need to be unlocked for use with another pre-pay sim.

  he he :-) 23:43 02 Mar 2003

From the virgin website the sim is £10.00

  he he :-) 23:44 02 Mar 2003

just want to know about the vodafone side of it: letting my fone go.

  Ellie3009 23:49 02 Mar 2003

voda wont charge you anything if you are on PAYG, unless you have to ask them to unlock the handset.

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