Surround sound problem with Nero 6 & Powe DVD 5

  Rubroy 21:08 18 Feb 2005

Having had a disastrous experience with a Maxtor external hard drive and its disruptive software, I subsequently purchased a LiteOn 16x internal Dual Format DVD Drive from PC World. This came with a CyberLink Power DVD 5 setup disk and Nero OEM Suite for DVD Rewriters only. The drive works OK and so does the Nero software_up to a point. Initially I could not start the computer as it recycled continuously. Microsoft confirmed that this was a Nero fault and a fix was available. After a couple of abortive tries it seems to have settled down. I then realised that my sound system was all to pot. I read the Cyberlink readme file which informed me that this software supported two speakers and that if I wanted to use my surround Blaster 5+1 system I would have to purchase an Audio Pack upgrade from www. which could be downloaded on line but included the provision of a CD as well.. With reluctance, since I had no way of knowing in advance that my sound system would be affected by my new DVD drive, I purchased the upgrade by telephone to their German office – which made no difference. I was still only able to get sound from my two rear speakers and from the sub-woofer. Naturally I checked all connections and all is AOK. I waited patiently for the CD to arrive which it duly did. I downloaded it and it made no difference. I contacted Cyberlink and was given complicated but none too clear instructions on how to fix the problem which basically required a reinstallation of the Nero software. I did exactly as requested, short of making any adjustments to the registry which was a second suggestion that I baulked at. I am now no better off than when I started, having spent hours trying put it right. The Cyberlink help line involves filling in a full questionnaire each time one needs to get back to them and the frustration is reaching boiling point. Surely this is not good enough! Why should I not be able to buy a reputable product without being blackmailed into further expense to make it work? I could have lived with this if the ‘cure’ had worked. Now it looks as if I am going to have to find other software which will work with the DVD drive without causing sound system problems. In my case, trying to find a successful back-up system makes me realise why so many people do not back up!

I run Windows XP home on an Evesham AX1091000081-KIT Axis 2400 Wonder. Athlon XP 2400, 120GB Western Digital 7200 UDMA100 hard drive,; 512 MB DDR RAM16, 16X DVD ROM drive. I replaced the original CD - RW IDE drive with the new LiteOn DVD-RW Drive. I have 64MB DDR ATI-Radeon 8500 All-in Wonder Graphics with TV out & DVI; Sound Blaster Audigy Dolby Surround & Firewire with Creative Inspire 5.1 5300 speakers. I am on Bt-Yahoo Broadband.

I want to use the full spec of my PC and apart from that,I need a reliable backup system. I have several hundreds historical Jpeg files as well as Financial files, e-mails and correspondence and now want to restore and edit old camcorder files. Therefore, apart from the sound system a reliable backup system is essential.

Any comments on this particular disaster area please?


  MidgetMan 10:08 19 Feb 2005

Have you tried setting up the surround sound in control panel? thinks its called media centre? (nannot remeber and at work at mo) this will allow you to set up and test your speakedrs, also change the effects.

Just a thought

  Rubroy 12:38 21 Mar 2005

Time passes and only today have I fixed this problem. To everyone who gave it thought, puzzled over it and were kind enough to respond - my grateful thanks.

Now for the crunch - you are not going to believe this: After trying everything else I decided to see if Evesham (who supplied my machine and with whom I have an extended warranty) help desk could throw any light on it. They went through the system with me and were just as puzzled as me. After long deliberation they concludud that it had to be the sound card that was faulty. I couldn't see how but on their advice, I took it out,cleaned the contacts,dusted it down and putit back carefully ensuring all was tightly in place. No difference - so they said they would send an engineer out with a new card. There was a long delay because his first appointment was cancelled and he arrived a week later, about an hour ago as I write. Ready?..... After a quick look through the system he tested the surround sound - then went to the balance wheel on the volume control (which on my speaker syatem is on a separate external lead from the manifold at the back of the woofer) and adjusted it to the centre position and - THAT WAS THAT!

I have never felt so stupid in my life! Why Evesham help desk did not think of it I don't know. Why it never occured to me that you could adjust it so far off balance that one set of speakers was silenced, I don't know either. Why it never occured to anyone else I don't know. Talk about 'have you checked the petrol?'!!!

Apparently more up-to-date versions of this system have done away with this external control because I was not the only one to be caught out.

Anyway I thought I should confess, apologies for putting you to so much trouble and let you all know because of your help and so that if you come across this elsewhere you will remember the experience.

Thanks again and fare you well - until next time.


  TomJerry 12:45 21 Mar 2005

Keep It Simple Stupid (no offence here), this is what I always tell students for their design projects. The solution sometime is also simple as well.

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