Surprisingly good service from Currys

  Wuggy 19:58 17 Jun 2006

Not strictly computer related but having read quite a number of posts critical of Currys I thought I would show that they can, sometimes, come good. On Saturday 10 June I bought a new LG 27 inch LCD TV from Currys at a cost of £699.00. It was delivered on Tuesday, 13 June and I have have to say I am delighted with it. On the morning of Thursday, 15 June I noticed an advert in my daily paper where Curry's were having a sale and had reduced the price of the TV I had just purchased by £100 to £599.00. On the basis of 'nothing ventured, nothing gained' I phoned Currys, spoke to the salesman and asked what could be done about it, fully expecting to be told that it was just my luck I had made the purchase 4 days before it was reduced. After speaking to the salesman for a few minutes he said he would have to speak to his manager and would phone me back. About half an hour he called back to say that if I called in at the store the next day I would be refunded the £100 difference. Went to the store today and, sure enough, I had the £100 refunded to my debit card. I fully appreciate that Currys were entitled to tell me to get lost so I am more than happy with the outcome.

  De Marcus™ 20:03 17 Jun 2006

You certainly under emphasised your thread title - gobsmacked!

  spuds 20:33 17 Jun 2006

Now you have upset the apple cart, letting out the trade secret on how to keep customers very happy :O)

  josie mayhem 20:36 17 Jun 2006

I can't believe it!!!!!

I brought a telly from them, and 10 weeks down the line it went belly up and had to be replaced... But no goodmans in stock. But did have a philips and we were charged the £50 price difference...

I lost 31/2 hours pay having to come home from work early to except delivery, on sunday we started to have problems with the digital reciever cutting out. We have been back to the shop to arrange for a engineer to visit or what ever, they contacted mastercare for us, and apparently philips have updated the firmware for there tellies and the first adtemp didn't go well causing problem similar to what we are expeirencing... We've been asked to wait until philips complete another download which should take place between mon and tuesday morning...

  Wuggy 21:15 17 Jun 2006

As I say, it may simply cone down to the attitude of the individual you are dealing with but it certainly came as a pleasant surprise to me. Can I suggest that you all do your shopping at Currys in Braehead near Glasgow!

  Belatucadrus 01:31 20 Jun 2006

Old buyers adage
" Nothing ventured nothing gained "
When buying something significant ask for a discount. Places like MFI usually can't help as their systems tied into finance packages. But Dixons, Currys etc usually have managers discretion and may offer something to stop you going next door to Comet. All they can say is no and you've lost nothing, but if they say yes, even if the offers only a pack of blank CDr, you'll feel as smug as the proverbial Cheshire Cat.
PS Never ever accept the first price from QuickFit, they'll drop the price significantly at the drop of a hat.

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