Surfing the Tar Pit

  carver 19:40 12 Apr 2003

Today, I managed to get B T to come out and see why I can only manage to get an internet connection of between 5-10 kbs ,when it rains it can drop to 3kbs, result of this is a bill for £70 from BT and the escuse that I have a working telephone line and that is all I am entitled to.The area I live in still has old lead cables and that seems to be the reason for the slow download ,it was explained that these will not be replaced untill they break down completly.Is there any legal eagles who can give any advice or do I just have to grin and bear it.
PS pardon spelling but I seen to have lost spelling check since putting XP on.

  he he :-)™ 20:57 12 Apr 2003

I think this is well within BT's right... you could throw a ball at the lines and make it fall down and say kids did it... but it is true your contract with BT only says that they have to provide an analogue telephone line.

  Falkyrn 22:08 12 Apr 2003

If you check your contract with BT you'll find that all they guarantee is that the line is fit and capable of voice transmission ..... anything else is "an extra" to them unless you have a line specifically installed for computer/electronic communication.

  g0slp 22:23 12 Apr 2003

but it's somewhat immoral!

Perhaps a note to Readers' Digest is called for - they have an occasional series called "That's Outrageous!"

Might not do any good, but you never know.

Good luck

  sil_ver 22:38 12 Apr 2003

I'm afraid BT are far to thick skinned to be concerned about complaints from whichever source it originates and they probably have the Tshirts as well. ;-)

  g0slp 01:03 13 Apr 2003

RD do pay published contributors some money - might go towards the &70 "fee" ripped off (sorry, charged) by BT

  Forum Editor 01:10 13 Apr 2003

I am afraid that the advice you have been given by other forum members is correct. BT only undertake to provide you with a voice quality line, and if the old cables are to blame there isn't much they could do without replacing them anyway.

In fairness to BT they have a monumental task on their hands with network replacement. We have what is probably the oldest telephone network in the world in this country, it has grown and developed over a very long period to the state it's in now. Cable replacement is a huge undertaking, and one which goes on around the clock.

None of that is much help to you though, and short of suggesting satellite broadband I can't come up with any helpful solutions.

To say that BT "...are far to thick skinned to be concerned about complaints...." as sil_ver has is absolute nonsense, and I suggest that you do lodge a written objection to the poor quality of the line. BT know full well that half the country uses their lines for surfing the net, and it does no harm to whinge.

  carver 11:38 13 Apr 2003

Thank's everyone for the onfo, it's just that every where you look the media is on about the benefits of the internet and there are still parts of this country that strugle to get a decent connection and these arn't in the wilds.
FE about making another complaint, the BT guy did inform me that if I do and they come and check the line again ,that's another £70 bill, so I think I'LL keep quite, it's cheaper.

  he he :-)™ 14:06 13 Apr 2003

I don't know why they wont replace yours our lines r only 3 years old and there replacing them... i've not even had any probs or my naibors (spelt wrong I know) they're just replacing them...

  Legolas 14:26 13 Apr 2003

g0slp I agree completly with you that this response from BT is immoral but worse than that it is very backward thinking. In this age of high speed data transfer how stone age is it for our biggest telecommunications company to say that all you are entitled to is a telephone line that is fit for voice communication, this being the case they should not be allowed to supply internet access unless they guarantee a resonable speed depending on if you are on dial up or broadband. It would seem that BT is in the business of holding back communication technology rather than furthering it. Of course BT is typical of new technology in Britain and how it is viewed, a perfect example is our railway stystem, in other countries such as France and Japan they built the lines to suit the high speed trains, what do we do, we try to build the trains to go at high speed on the exsisting lines, and what do we get a "tilting" train that is rusting away in the sidings shall I put doesnt work. If we done things right both in the transport system and in the telecommunications system we could be leaders in these technologies rather than trying to do things on the cheap and in the case of BT very grudgingly. Surely BT realise the potential market out there for high speed Internet etc and you would think they would be trying to do everything to facilitate this rather than the rather sad "all you are entitled to is a telephone line that is fit for voice communication".

  he he :-)™ 15:27 13 Apr 2003

It;s all becaus they're in debt because they baught all of those mobile lisences.

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