Supplier ships without packaging - Casetech

  Kate B 11:15 29 Nov 2004

I've just - finally - received a processor I ordered more than a week ago from Casetech. It was clearly marked as an OEM product but I'm still pretty horrified that they thought it was OK to ship it in nothing more than a bit of bubblewrap.

Should I have had better from an OEM processor or is that actually OK? I'm not terribly impressed with them - they took an age to ship the thing in the first place and didn't bother to respond to an email I sent chasing it up. Nor can you speak to a human being on the phone: if you ring the number (which has very limited hours), you're asked to leave a voicemail.

Not good ... does anyone else have any experience of this lot?

  georgemac 11:23 29 Nov 2004

In my opinion that is not OK - it should be packaged in something that will gaurantee that the pins will not be bent and bubblewrap will not do that

anytime I have bought an OEM cpu it has been in a plastic mount or a small cardboard box with foam

I know to give them a miss!

  Belatucadrus 13:14 29 Nov 2004

e-buyer supplied my OEM Sempron in a small box with foam packaging. Bubblewrap would seem an inadequate packaging method, and I'm sure Casetech will get more returns because of this OTT economy measure.

  Kate B 14:20 29 Nov 2004

I've just had a really snotty email from them: aggressive and patronising, implying that I was an idiot for not knowing that an OEM item ships without all the retail bells and whistles.

My brother is happy to give it a whirl but neither of us will use Casetech again. And it will be going straight back with a very stiff note if it doesn't work!

  georgemac 14:33 29 Nov 2004

the most important thing to check for is bent pins - if the cpu will not drop straight into the socket do not try and force it - you may make it worse. Hopefully it will be OK.

A good way to have a real close look at cpu's (top & bottom) is to pop them in your scanner and scan them - again do not force the lid closed on them - and then enlarge the image on the screen

  Kate B 14:40 29 Nov 2004

Good advice, georgemac, thanks for that - and particularly for the scanner tip. I'll suggest my brother does that when he unwraps it: I think it's best if we handle it as little as possible.

  Chris the Ancient 18:51 29 Nov 2004

I am also concerned that it was wrapped in plain bubblewrap! There are no antistatic properties to that and the chip may have already blown just from the packaging!

  fourjays 19:02 29 Nov 2004

Ouch - Experts who aren't, again, eh?

  Forum Editor 19:25 29 Nov 2004

Shipping a delicate electronic component - one that can be wrecked by static electrical charges - in nothing more than bit of bubblewrap is nothing short of careless, OEM not withstanding.

It will probably be OK - but as consumers we shouldn't have to live on the edge like that.

  Mikè 20:22 29 Nov 2004

I'm not sure that the advice given above "pop them in your scanner and scan them" is good. Surely there good be quite high static levels present on the scanner bed.

  georgemac 20:59 29 Nov 2004

you may have a point there - I have scanned a couple (old ones to be sold on ebay) with no problems

will the scanner be earthed through the power supply & usb cable?

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