Supplier of second hand laptops

  HighTower 14:05 28 May 2003

I am looking for a good supplier of fairly modern second hand or reconditioned laptops (one pc and one mac).

Does anybody have any recommendations?


  AndySD 14:46 28 May 2003
  HighTower 16:34 28 May 2003

Thanks, will check it out.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:20 28 May 2003

...or Trade-it/Loot. ;-))


  Stuartli 09:27 30 May 2003

click here is based near me and offers new and nearly new laptops at very keen prices, along with spares, service etc.

My daughter acquired a Toshiba Satellite from them at half its original price yet under a year old - it came with the balance of the manufacturer's three year warranty.

  Turkey Tech 16:25 30 May 2003

Make sure you get a decent warranty on a second hand laptop though, otherwise if your motherboard goes you could be looking at a repair bill thats more than the laptops worth.

If you cant afford to buy a new second hand one when the warranty runs out I would consider buying a brand new one with 3 years warranty or more.

At the end of the day its a game of risk like many things, but this one can be a costly one on the off chance that things go wrong.

  HighTower 13:48 02 Jun 2003

Thanks again everyone, I'll follow up those new links.

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