Supplier Advice Needed!

  sdf 21:47 30 May 2003

Hi there, I hope someone can help. I'm looking at getting a laptop with the following specs or there abouts and (hopefully) looking to spend up to £1200 (though £1000 would be pref). I have found a few around but to be honest am getting a bit bewildered with it all! Im used to just self building my own PC - didnt know buying a decent complete system would be this complicated! anyway, any advice on suppliers or models from experience would be GREATFULLY recieved.
Desired specs:
-2gig +
-256mb RAM +
-15" screen
-DVD (pref dvd/cdrw combo)
-wireless lan/normal ethernet (to access home net)
-30gb HDD+
-64 mb Raedon 9000 mobile would be REALLY greator equal
-sound (im told some don't come with sound, makes DVDs boring without it!)
-infra red
-reasonable battery life
-reasonable disk spin up speed

If anyone can shed any light on a good model and/or where to look I'd REALLY appreciate it.

Many thanks

  -pops- 07:18 31 May 2003

Best thing would be to look at the reviews in magazines and make your own mind up.

The problem with any individual's advice is just that - it's individual and likely to be biased towards this or that. A magazine review does, or should, attempt to be unbiased and just state the facts.

Do look in a Computer magazine rather than the Sunday supplements where I saw a review once on a Sony Vaio being give top billing because the reviewer liked the smooth curves of the case - no consideration to the contents and functionality at all.

  sdf 19:06 31 May 2003

Doh! I seemed to be doomed! I found a fairly decent one at PC world (I know - dont comment - was only really looking!) which I have now found has run out of stock and PC world will not be restocking it. the number 1 placed budget notebook from the latest issue of PC Advisor has not been released and the nearest alternative Rock Direct can offer I consider to be quite inferoir. Though cudos - excellent service, I emailed them with a few questions about it and they got back to me impressivly quickly with all the information I might ever want to know about the entire rest of their range! Good on them! HELP! thanks Pops for the recomendation - a Vaio with the specs I want will be just too far out of my price range. thanks for the heads up though.

  Gaz 25 20:03 31 May 2003

Take a look at click here thay have some laptops for sale.

I have got to say, all laptops these days, long as it is new, will have Sound cards, if you want 5.1 audio go for a extigy from creative, and plug your home cinema into it, or some meatier speakers.

Anyway, hope you find a good deal. If you mention me: Gareth at Shepley, he may do some discount, only I have reccomnded them after buying a lot for a buissness becuase the prices are decent.


  -pops- 07:12 01 Jun 2003

Note that I wasn't recommending a Vaio, just commenting on the priorities that Sunday paper reviewers put on the choice of computer.

My views on a Vaio are the same as those on any laptop computer - zero. I have no interest in, or knowledge of, them at all.


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