Superfast Broadband Coming To My Market Town of Spalding?

  uggly 12:48 30 Jan 2012

Not long ago,our local newspaper announced Spalding will be getting superfast fibre optic broadband installed in the Spalding BT Exchange near the town centre.With a population of around 30,000 souls,this will be a welcomed upgrade for many people who live in the surrounding towns and villages.Living almost next door to the Exchange,my current download speed is 15.2mbps and my upload is 0.73mbps.The average speed away from the Exchange in nearby Pinchbeck for example is between 2 and 6mbps.

My provider is Talk Talk whom I've been with for the past few years.They will be rolling out fibre optic in January 2013 and I have already signed up to receive it in my home.This will mean I may get 40mbps download speed and it'll mean signing up for 18 months at an extra £10 per month which I'm happy to do.

For the vast majority,this new superfast broadband cannot come soon enough and am pleased that Lincolnshire County Council and South Holland District Council have been proactive.I'm very hopeful this new speed will bring new business to my town and county,and give everyone extra fast speeds to help with business and home user alike.

Are we unique in a rural town,or are other rural communities across our find lands going to get the same?It would be interesting to read your comments.

  TopCat® 13:34 30 Jan 2012

Practically the whole of Cornwall's exchanges have been upgraded to fibre and Talk Talk have recently been in touch with me to sign up to it. When I first heard of it I couldn't wait for it to happen, but then looked at what I have already and decided to stay as I am.

A fibre upgrade would, according to TT, give me 'up to 15.2 Mbps' and would involve a new 18 month contract at £10 per month and a new and dearer 'Plus' broadband package. My exchange has already been upgraded and since then my broadband speed has more than doubled to just over 7 Mbps. This speed I find adequate for my purposes so until TT start putting the squeeze on my bandwidth I'll leave well alone.

One never knows but TT could come forward with a better and more tempting deal that might cause me to change. I live in hope. :o) TC.

  OTT_B 18:45 30 Jan 2012

I'm only a handful of miles outside Spalding. On a 'good' day over Christmas I was getting max 0.75mpbs. A very solid download speed in the wee hours is normally 2mbps.

There's no indication that we're in for an exchange upgrade either.

  Forum Editor 23:42 30 Jan 2012

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  iscanut 10:31 31 Jan 2012

Whilst most of Cornwall is getting or already has FIBRE, here in Devon we have at least a year to wait, if not longer.

  Terry Brown 11:02 31 Jan 2012

Have you noticed that as soon as one company updates their telephone / Internet lines, they all start to do it.

The reason is simple, would you stay with a slow / unreliable provider when a better one is available.

This is good news for all , as when a line is upgraded,eventually all the lower speed lines will be upgraded at (if you do not change your package) to a better speed


  TopCat® 13:06 31 Jan 2012

Here for info is the latest list I can find of pending exchange upgrades. TC.


  TopCat® 13:18 31 Jan 2012

It's possible the list I gave is for Talk Talk enabled exchanges only, so I include here the BT Openreach checking website for their customers' use. TC.

BT list

  OTT_B 21:10 31 Jan 2012

And no surprises there then. TopCat®'s BT List link shows my exchange as 'NC'. Looks like we'll be on no-so-broadband for a few years yet!

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