Super Budget PCs

  Pesala 10:35 09 Feb 2003

What is your definition of Budget, and Super Budget. To me £699 + VAT is about the top limit for a Budget class PC these days. After all, one can get plenty of power at that price.

Students on a Budget would probably look for something considerably cheaper.

By SuperBudget, I would understand "What is the cheapest PC you can supply us with that has the basic specs to run Windows?"

Maybe 1Ghz cpu, 128 Mbyte RAM, 40 Mbyte HD, DVD or CD-RW, Monitor, OS and Free Software bundle (Open Office or similar). £499 including VAT should be well within the bounds of possibility.

  rev.bem 23:44 09 Feb 2003

Of course it is

click here

  jazzypop 00:00 10 Feb 2003

Well over a 100 PCs here at less than £400 + VAT - all with much higher specs than you list - click here

  Pesala 16:49 03 Mar 2003

Either have to reduce the ceiling for Superbudget PCs or define a new class for those of us on very low incomes — monks, students, voluntary workers, school teachers, etc.

My definition of a low-budget PC would be:

Provide us with the cheapest system that can run Windows XP or 2000, read and write CDs, play music, watch DVD movies, and connect to the Internet.

It doesn't have to be fast, but it should be a viable solution for a student on a very low budget — £500 maximum including delivery, VAT, and at least one year back-to-base warranty.

  Gaz 25 17:24 03 Mar 2003

click here

If you give Terry (Owner) your required spec and budget he will try and meet it.


PS, He knows me quite well so if you tell him I refered you to him you may gat a reduction. (May).

Good luck.

  Gaz 25 17:27 03 Mar 2003

Maybe 1Ghz cpu, 128 Mbyte RAM, 40 Mbyte HD, DVD or CD-RW, add Monitor for £99 17" one, OS and Free Software bundle (Open Office or similar).

£350 for the lot.

click here ancd click special offers and scroll down to budget systems.

  Pesala 19:05 03 Mar 2003

They might be experts on PCs but they are not expert web designers. I had a look at one page with several pics of system cases on it. The page took a minutes or two to load on my NTL Home broadband. Checking the connection speed it was loading at 16Kb/sec. Puzzled, I copied one image.

It was 6.5 Megabytes, 1200 x 1792 pixels !!!

There were six images like that on the same page, though some were not quite as big. No wonder the page took a while to load!

And I could not see any prices for the specified system either. @(>_<)@

Call sales for the latest prices.

  Pesala 19:09 03 Mar 2003

"All our computers come configured for the best operation and best internal cooling and design, if you open the systems case or play with Bios setting you are making your warranty Void."

Sorry, no good at all, I cannot even add a memory stick without voiding the warranty.

There must be better deals somewhere. I am not looking for a PC at the moment, but I am often asked about low-cost PCs by other monks.

  Pesala 19:20 03 Mar 2003

Just over £500 for a complete 1200 Mhz AMD system including delivery and VAT. They don't mention delivery, but I guessed £30 for that.

Full Spec

EPC BB Tower case, AMD Athlon 1200Mhz Processor, 256Mb SDRAM pc133Mhz, 10Gb IDE Fast access hard drive, 40X CD drive, Sound on board, 16Mb 3D graphics on board, Standard onboard 10/100 RJ45 NIC, Modem 56K. Refurbished (Hey! Didn't notice that bit before. It is not a NEW system).

The 19" monitor is £115, so must be poor quality. Add another £75 for a decent monitor, bringing the total to £600 for a refurbished system with a 10 Gbyte hard drive, on-board sound and graphics. No software bundle, just an OEM version of Windows XP. Now it is not looking so good is it?

  Gaz 25 21:08 03 Mar 2003

The terms are old. They are not actualy like that anymore, new ones:

Opening the case, you take responsibility for the computer and solution computers do not hold responsible for any upgraded components that damage your system.

If you do install more memory, then if it goes wrong because of the memory that is your problem to solve the memory, however if something goes wrong with another componet that was fitted by Solution it will be replaced at no cost for Labour and Parts.

They have not been updated. Also when quoting for a system for the server to verify you must insert a E-mail address.

The sites being upgarded now, some of it is already, prices come down in Special offers.

Sorry, but them terms are 2000 terms. I will ensure they are updated for tomorrow.

  he he :-) 21:21 03 Mar 2003

have emachines 370 with webcam, printer and scanner for £699.99 inc vat I have 1 and got an desk thrown in with it but that was for that branch only but god help me if I need to use the garentee. :-)

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