Supanet : Misleading advertising...

  Gaz 25 01:48 17 Jan 2005

Does anybody here use supanet? Well, if you do, then you will sure know of the recent problems.

For starters, they have run out of bandwidth: click here

Furthermore, recently they agreed they were capping users... downloading more than a couple of hundren megs gets your put on the bad boy network or pipe.

Infact, my broadband, which I am still paying full whack for is slower than dial-up more like PSTN access.

And yet, they still claim:

1Mb connection - up to 20x faster than dial-up

No limits - download as many games, music, videos and software as you like*

Free access to BBC broadband content including EastEnders, TOTP, games and sport

Send and receive photos, videos and sound files by email - instantly

* Subject to strict enforcement of copyright law on peer to peer traffic

I don't download anything on p2p, and I don't class my self as a heavy user. Infact, it's evident that even if you downloaded windows updates, and some applications such as freeware - you would be placed on this network.

The cap that is in place actually is less than wanadoo who is charging less.

The fact that supanet still advertise unlimited, and in a comparison boast it: click here

They actually still say it is: UNCAPPED.

When, in fact it is capped. Also, their staff fail to understand and try to fob you off saying you have spyware installed or a virus.

Then, if you tell them it's not that - it's their network. They either dont reply, send the info already on the website, or just send you a cancellation phone number.

I have been, a very happy customer - they have not let me down.

I wouldn't mind but there is no way to check the limit, how much I have used, and the cool off period until I get put back on the standard network. I mean the internet is unbearable now.

I am going to sit this out though, and hope they get their act together. Hopefully when they have the new pipe everything should be ok? Or would it? They might keep this cap, but advertise it as uncapped.

:-( I'm not happy with my speed as of the moment, honestly - I normally get 200 - 300Kbps on download, now I am getting 3kbps. :-o PSTN is probably faster.

Sorry for the rant!

Gaz 25

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