User-275D703E-9E45-4660-90C50AEC01271F1A 20:03 27 Jan 2003

I use supanet as my isp, last week my friend bought his first pc. He asked me to recommend an isp and I said I would put supanet on his pc,when I put my cd in it said it was for win 95/98 only, his pc is win xp. No problem I thought I will just email supanet and they will send me a cd. Sofar I have emailed every supanet contact that I can including the site editor at least 3 or 4 times, but no matter how I try they just ignore me and don't reply. I think supanet are just ignorant and obviously don't care about the poor fools who are singed up with them.

  Time - Chris 09:23 28 Jan 2003

Hi there

supanet is the Time Group's sister company which is why it is often pre-loaded onto our PCs.

Please send me your details and I'll make sure that a member of supanet staff contacts you asap.

Cheers - Chris

  Stuartli 19:00 28 Jan 2003

I'm still waiting for the free gift (worth £29.99) after many, many months after installing Supranet - eventually I uninstalled it out of sheer disgust when I got no response to queries about the gift.

Many thanks for your reply. Tonight I received a reply from the website editor and he has promised me a disc in the post. I realised that Time computers were a sister company as that’s where I first noticed them on a friends system. I really like supanet that’s why I recommended them, I also recommended my brother in law but he is win 98 and used my disc to set up.

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