harps1h 22:56 02 Nov 2004

supanet are offering 1mb b/b with no limits. are they any good or should i aviod them like the plague?

  harps1h 19:42 03 Nov 2004


  Gaz 25 01:33 07 Nov 2004

offered me a very fast, reliable service.

I am using the 5.5Mb business broadband backage, but before that I was on the 256k broadband, and back in 1997 time, I was using dial-up from supanet and it has always been the best I have tried.

The mail server has anti-spam too.

Good luck.

  Gaz 25 01:39 07 Nov 2004

and yes, it's true - I have downloaded all of linux with no shouting from supanet. But, they do have load balencing on the server so large downloads may not get full speed.

However I find anything like 10mb downloads in a few seconds - easily.

  Gaz 25 01:43 07 Nov 2004

after being with them for ages, I noticed that they use hidden proxy servers to help with the load.

Now, it doesn't obviously monitor your connections, it has user authentication so evetything is private to you - and basically if you go on a particular page a lot it cache's it. Though I have never, I mean NEVER experianced any delay in page content - it's always up to date. I think, it's merely to speed up pages you just visited a while ago, and checks for updates very often.

Also, it hides your real IP address. Private surfing!

  harps1h 23:46 08 Nov 2004

^ bump

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