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  y_not 04:53 28 Apr 2004

Recently whilst at the seaside I called into a Sunday market. I was stunned to see hundreds of obviously pirated software CD's, music CD's and files which are free to download from the net.

All nicely laid out on a stall (which I assume the "proprietor" of this little "business" paid the local council for) and business appeared to be quite brisk.

The following day at work one of the employees wandered in carrying a handful of DVD's. "What you got?" I asked. "Oh, I've brought these in for *****" he replied "But if you want any there a fiver each" and flashed a four page A4 list!

I declined his offer. He told me that he is one of 5 people selling them for a BT engineer who burns them in his spare time - and hasn't had to touch his wages for months ... I'm not surprised!

Is it me or has the world gone piracy mad? It seems that the anti-piracy lobby seems quieter now than ever.

  Forum Editor 07:03 28 Apr 2004

is alive and well, although perhaps wondering quite what to do next.

Prosecutions are continuing, and no doubt this will be the case for some time. In real terms I don't think that the copyright owners have come up with anything like a workable solution to the problem, but you can rest assured that a great deal of time and money is being devoted to finding an answer or answers.

  rickf 08:30 28 Apr 2004

Its a part of life. There 'll alwayss be criminals and petty thieves no matter how efficient the law. That does not mean, of course, that the law should be complacent. I have a more benign view in that this is part of life.

  Chronos 09:02 28 Apr 2004

There is more in life to worry about than a few making illegal copies of software, everyone from sony downwards will soon sell you the blank disks to do it with, thousands apon thousands everyday.

perhaps they think people are saving their emails on them...

  y_not 12:27 28 Apr 2004

Like you I thought it was about "about than a few making illegal copies of software" until I spoke to the guy at work.

I estimate that they are selling around £1000 a week of pirated DVD's!

Should I ignore whats going on .... or report it - and if so to who?

  Chronos 12:40 28 Apr 2004

all countries sell fake goods, and in all countries folks will buy them.

stop the sale of blank DVD disks and it would stop overnight...sorted....

the download of music, who is to blame? those that put it in their shared folders, or the likes of Ares, Morpheus and the dozen or so P2P who's servers it is on...

  y_not 12:54 28 Apr 2004

...but if you stop the sale of blank DVD's how will I copy from my camcorder to DVD, holidays, granddaughter etc. (and NO I don't waste my time copying the films - I'd never have time to watch them anyway)

  byfordr 12:58 28 Apr 2004

perhaps you could ban computers, music and entertainment while you are at. Vote Taliban at the next election...that should sort it.


  Chronos 14:03 28 Apr 2004

no good you getting on my case :-)..
I was not saying stop the sale of the aforementioned goods, i buy my blank CD's by the 100. the point which you might have missed was for the makers of the blanks to stop, but they want it both ways..

Y_not....and that is a right and proper thing to do...but the disks might come in handy in case the odd film comes on you want...

and the use of the blank CD's i have is, now let me think????...............

The answer is to hit the end purchaser just as hard as the pirate.If you pay £5 for an as yet unreleased DVD, it must be obvious it is illegal,and you should suffer the same penalties as the criminals.Destroy the demand by taking a few purchasers to court and giving them heavy fines, and the problem becomes more manageable.

  y_not 16:34 28 Apr 2004

Okay I'll come clean. When I first purchased the DVD writer I grabbed one of my DVD's (Aliens I think) to try and copy it.

I can't remember if it was 4 or 5 discs later (at more than a quid each) I gave up ... and I still don't know how you get 9 Gb on a 4.7Gb disc.

Guess I must just be naive cause most responses don't seem too surprised I just couldn't believe how openly they were.

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