Sunday, Aldi's??

  g40 18:29 03 Apr 2004

Does anyone know if Aldi open Sundays? And if it is still possible to order the 8083 PC. cheers

  spuds 18:47 03 Apr 2004

I think my local store only open Mon-Sat, except Xmas period. You will need to call in the store, if you wish to purchase anything,no advanced orders taken. I have two further Aldi stores within a resonable travelling distance,and I find, if one store have sold out on their extra special offers etc, then I usually find one of the other stores may still have stock. Aldi click here

  g40 18:52 03 Apr 2004

cheers spuds, ah well monday maybe.

  TBH1 20:08 03 Apr 2004

aldi's isn't open on Sundays - - -but I believe, according to this weeks ComputerActive mag, you can place orders up till the 10th for this beastie .

  zebbydog 20:09 03 Apr 2004

Not open Sunday
Whent today and bought the 17" tft and they had computers still in stock ( Leicester )

  briggsy 02:53 04 Apr 2004

You can still order a aldi/medion pc instore up to the 10th of April. But it will not be delivered untill after the 13th of April.

  Stuartli 08:43 04 Apr 2004

Give the staff a break! My local Aldi (Aldi is an abbreviation of Albrecht Discount) is packed with shoppers throughout the day, every day, Monday to Saturday.

There are just five staff, all on a minimum of £7 an hour, who do everything from stocking up the store to serving customers, as well as covering for holidays, sickness etc.

So they need the occasional day off!

When I was in the other day a sign stated, as others above have said, that anyone interested in the Medion system could contact a member of staff until April 10th about ordering one.

  Sion 10:47 04 Apr 2004

£7 an hour !!! Wow. they are good rates. I'm on £4.50 an hour at Woolworths, and i have to replenish stock, serve customers, refund customers, answer phones, chase shoplifters, get abuse hurled at me (its a nice neighbourhood....).

  furkin 10:51 04 Apr 2004

Do Aldi's actually supply stuff that they advertise then ? Every time that I've tried to get a 'bargain' from them, they havn't got any ! I don't bother now.

  TBH1 13:29 04 Apr 2004

Its worth poppin into Aldis maybe once a week - - they have some good stuff there, too much to advertise - -not just talking PC stuff, DIY, gardening stuff. And yes, I agree with Stuartli above, the staff have a go at everything and are worth every penny they get - -its common to see the manager pushing pallets around, on the checkout, stocking up. And their chocolate ain't bad either !!! And there Southern Comfort - - and did I mention red wine ???

  Diodorus Siculus 15:17 04 Apr 2004

furkin - yes, each Thursday they change specials - only the good stuff goes quickly it seems.

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