Sulphate of Potash - national shortage

  Graham. 16:57 19 Mar 2009

Apparently, due to the poor weather last summer, sulphate of potash fertilizer is becoming hard to find. B&Q, for instance, have it on their website, but they haven't got any. I need it for my garlic plants (Purple Moldovan).

My local Dobbies had only one box left click here and they've kindly put it in reception with my name on it.

  laurie53 20:04 19 Mar 2009

It always used to be slightly weathered soot but that's even harder to come by now!

How has the poor weather resulted in a shortage?

  Charlemagne 21:01 19 Mar 2009

RED Alert!

  anchor 09:04 20 Mar 2009

laurie53: where did you find weathered soot in recent years?.

Smokeless fuel has been "de rigueur", since the passing of the Clean Air Acts of 1956 and 1968.

Bad news for the chimney sweeps :(

  laurie53 15:32 20 Mar 2009

I did say "used to be".

I aws thinking in terms of the 50s or early 60s!

  Zak 15:50 20 Mar 2009

Thanks for posting. I have been in all my local stores searching for Sulphate of Potash since last autumn. I thought it would appear now. Paying £5 for p&p is a bit much.

  Graham. 16:01 20 Mar 2009

My garlic is now liberally dusted with sulphate of potash, and everything else in the garden.

Ring your local Dobbies, if they are out of stock they may order it for you.

  iscanut 17:50 20 Mar 2009

Should keep the vampires away now :-)

  Rayuk 19:47 20 Mar 2009


  ICF 08:02 22 Mar 2009
  Graham. 09:22 22 Mar 2009

Brilliant. Never thought of Wilkinsons.

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